Zoer ZOE Restorative Material

Reinforced Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement Zoer IRM Cement
Zoer Restorative cement features a reinforcing polymer incorporated into the Zinc Oxide Eugenol powder.
This gives the cement the strength to resist condensation forces and to ensure adequate life when used as a temporary filling.
By incorporating the reinforcing agent in the powder instead of the liquid, the mixing properties are improved. Although the cement is reinforced, it can be easily removed when used in a temporary restorations.
Zoer Restorative cement non-irritating formula suits the dental restoration purposes in a wide range of varieties.



Reinforcing component present in powder

Excellent mixing properties


Shows clearly under x-ray

Long term temporary restorative

Intermediate solution




Product indications

·         Temporary filling material.
·         Intermediate restorative material.
·         Base/lining under restorative materials (amalgam, silicate, phosphate, glass ionomer).
·         For sealing the coronal portion of teeth undergoing endodontic treatment.
·         Suggested solution for use with cement-retained implant restorations

     Package contents: 38g powder jar / 12ml liquid bottle, mixing assesories