DSI Hemostatic Liquid

Aluminum chloride solution is a chemical agent with an acidic property. Aluminum chloride is usually used as a hemostatic agent and is used to control the local bleeding in dental surgeries. Furthermore, it is widely used in water purify as a protein coagulant.

Aluminum chloride solution is used as hemostatic agents and the usefulness of this material in cutting hemostatic time, and patients' need for blood or blood products, bringing about the improved prognosis of patients after surgery.

Aluminium chloride is generally known as a group of specific aluminium salts; it is widely used as, antiperspirants, and as a coagulant in water purification. In water purification, it's effective to destabilize also to eliminate suspended materials in comparison with other aluminum salts.

DSI Hemostatic is a 25% aluminum chloride solution .  Due to a significant number of proteins in the blood, it makes aluminum chloride an incredibly strong hemostatic agent. In actual fact, aluminum chloride exerts its hemostatic effect by way of a chemical reaction with blood proteins, and this property makes aluminium chloride an exceptionally efficient hemostatic agent outperforming Ferric Sulfate and Epinephrine HCI.

Furthermore, it is a sound hemostatic agent that satisfactorily fulfil surgeons' need to regulate bleeding even in patients with abnormal body hemostatic system. Although the hemostatic effect of aluminum chloride had been known, its effects in managing external bleeding have never been assessed and compared with suturing procedure as a standard method.

Aluminum chloride, like the well-known hemostatic agents, applies its hemostatic effect by having a chemical reaction with blood. This property makes it a really capable hemostatic agent, which doesn't need normal body hemostatic system to exert its effect. Furthermore, the acidic property of aluminium chloride should be thought about too.

The DSI Hemostatic tissue-kind formula quickly stops minor bleeding without forming coagulum or leaving hemostatic residue adhered to the preparation, resulting in stain-free teeth and soft tissues.

It is available in blue tint  colour liquid, which is clearly visible in the oral field, and a transparent clear version - a feature especially critical in the “esthetic zone.”

Additionally, unlike ferric sulfate-based hemostatic solutions, DSI Hemostatic does not interfere with bonding.