Zirconia and PEEK Abutments




 Peek or Zirconia is the excellent biomaterial choice for clinical results. DSI Aesthetic line dental products are made of proven, non-metallic biomaterials that offer superior imaging properties and performance benefits over alternative materials. All products, engineered for biocompatibility, safety and bio-stability, featuring a proven history of clinical results and regulatory approval. 
  • Ability to be sterilized without degradation in mechanical properties or biocompatibility.
  • Compatibility with X-ray, MRI and CT imaging without producing artefacts.
  • Excellent mechanical properties such as stiffness and durability similar to the titanium.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Proven hard and soft tissue biocompatibility.
  • Natural colour for excellent aesthetics.
  • The metal-free solution eliminates ions exchange in the mouth. 
Peek abutments can be easily customized according to the case specifics.