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3d Intraoral Scan Spray

spray-icon 3d Intraoral Scan Spray

The new Scan Powder Spray is suitable for both direct (intraoral) and indirect (model) application. 75 ml canister is economical, convenient and long-lasting.

The specially designed spray nozzle gives you full control of the application and can be turned 360 degrees to reach all intraoral quadrants.

The fast-drying formula with fresh mint flavour is easily removed with simple water spray.

• Finest quality intraoral scan spray.
• Improves scanning accuracy and detail.
• Extremely thin, uniform powder layer, under 3 microns.
• Immediate drying.
• Pale white colour and mint scent.
• Replaceable extra-long application nozzle with non-clogging micro tip.
• Economical and easy to apply in the 2.5 oz (75ml) can.



scan-spray-article 3d Intraoral Scan Spray


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