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 Alvo-G Alvo-G_IFU

Alvo-G Hemostatic

Alvo-G Pro

ApexCream ApexCream_IFU



ApexFile Gold

ApexFile Black Edition

ApexPaste  ApexPaste_IFU ApexPaste  
ApexPaste Iodoform ApexPaste-I_IFU ApexPaste-Iodoform  
ApexSil ApexSil_IFU

ApexSil Powder/Liquid

ApexSil Paste/Paste

Syntoss Biogel Syntoss-Biogel_IFU Biogel  
Blue Line Implant Implants_IFU DSI Blue Line Implant PASS 
Calcium-Hx Calcium-Hx_IFU Calcium-Hx  
CalPaste LC CalPaste-LC_IFU CalPaste LC  
Camphenol CPK DSI-Camphenol_IFU CPK Camphenol  
Cera-Fix Cera-Fix_IFU Cera-Fix  
Chlor-Ex Chlor-Ex_IFU Chlor-Ex  
Classic Cone Implant Implants_IFU DSI Classic Cone PASS
Diamond Polishing Paste DSI-Diapaste_IFU DSI Diamond Paste  
DSI Temp Filler DSI-Temp_IFU    
Eugenol Eugenol_IFU DSI Eugenol  
Formocresol Formocresol_IFU DSI Formocresol  
Glass-FX Glass-Fx_IFU Glass-Fx GIC Cement  
GuttaSoft GuttaSoft_IFU DSI Guttasoft  
Hemostatic Hemostatic_IFU DSI Hemostatic  
Implant Cement ImplantCem_IFU DSI Implant Cement  
Iodoform Iodoform_IFU DSI Iodoform  
Membrane - Syntoss Syntoss-M_IFU Syntoss Bio Membrane  
Membrane - Zenoss Zenoss-M_IFU Zenoss Bio Membrane  
Membrane - Biomatrix Zenoss-Matrix_IFU Zenoss BioMatrix  
Nerf-X Nerf-X_IFU Nerf-X Paste  
Premium Spiral Implants DSI-IMPLANTS_IFU    PASS
ReMTA Powder ReMTA_IFU ReMTA Reparative Cement  
ReMTA Paste ReMTA_PP_IFU    
RFX Cement DSI_RFX_IFU Dual-cure RFX Resin Cement  
S7 Bonding DSI-S7-Bond_IFU S7 Universal SE Bonding Download
DSI Sponge DSI-Sponge_IFU Haemostatic Sterile Sponge  
DSI Silver Sponge SilverSponge_IFU Collagen Sponge with Silver Particles  
DSI Sponge Plus Sponge-Plus_IFU Collagen Sponge with Iodoform  
Syntoss Bone Graft Syntoss-graft_IFU Synthetic Bone Graft  
Syntoss Plus Syntoss-Syringe_IFU Syntoss Plus  
UltraSil Impression UtraSil_IFU
UltraSil Comparison

UltraSil Light Body

UltraSil Putty

UltraSil Bite

UltraSil Reliner

UniEtch Gel UniEtch_IFU UniEtch 37% Etching  
UniLite Block UniLiteBLOCK_IFU UniLite Block-Out Material  
UniLite Composite



UniLite Hybrid

UniLite Flow

UniLite Dam UniLiteDAM_IFU UniLite Dam Gingival Barrier


UniLite Endo Bleaching UniLiteENDO_IFU UniLite Endo Non-vital Bleaching


UniLite Temp UniLiteTEMP_IFU UniLite Temp LC Filling Material  
Zenoss Bone Graft ZenossGraft_IFU

Zenoss Bone Graft

Zenoss Plus Syringe

Zoer Cement Zoer_IFU Zoer IRM Cement  
Zoer Root Sealer Zoer-Root_IFU Zoer Root Cement  
3D-LAB   SDS  
Print Settings for Anycubic Photon ANYCUBIC_P ANYCUBIC_PS  
Print Settings for Zortrax Inkspire ZORTRAX_P N  
Print Settings for Phrozen Shuffle PHROZEN-S N  
Print Settings for Zortrax Inkspire ZORTRAX_P N  

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cad-cam-thumb Pages

DSI Presents -  Digital CAD/CAM Library and Components 


The application of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry boasts numerous benefits for dental professionals and patients alike. It provides consistency and predictability that didn’t exist in restorations before, converting your office into a highly advanced, state-of-the-art dental facility. By raising the level of medical care, CAD/CAM technology contributes to improving the quality of life of the patients. 


Download the original implant library for exocad software

Download updated library for exocad software

Download exocad library for the narrow platform (slim 3.0 implant)

Download multi-unit library for exocad software


CAD/CAM technology allows creating three-dimensional models and their materialisation by numerical controlled machines to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, increase user/patient satisfaction, and ultimately achieve profits. CAD/CAM tech is the answer to the constantly rising demand for esthetic and naturally-looking restorations, enhanced comfort during procedures, reduced costs, and minimum time spent at the dental office. 


With the help of CAD/CAM technology, highly precise and long-lasting results can be achieved. Instead of taking conventional impressions, custom 3D images of the prepared teeth are created by digitally scanning the impressions. Restorations are designed on a computer screen using CAD software based on the digitised data as a virtual wax-up. Forming a 3D image of teeth and gums on the monitor allows the dentist to form an extremely precise and appropriate anatomical design of missing tooth substance. The resulting 3D models provide an optimal basis for the restoration design. Finally, the design is sent to digitally connected milling equipment.


Being driven by continuous development, our goal at DSI is to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions ensuring long-term clinical success. And we are pleased to announce that DSI CAD/CAM components have been added to the digital libraries of Exocad and are now available for downloading and installing from our DSI website.

These digital libraries enable computerised planning and manufacturing of accurate restoration on DSI implants, using CAD/CAM Technology.

The libraries contain Scan bodies, Ti bases (including innovative concave shape), Multi-unit Ti-adhesive caps and more. 


By using these digital libraries, you can enjoy the advantages of CAD/CAM technology and explore its versatile possibilities, producing better-fitting, more durable and attractive restorations.


cadcam-blog Pages

Software files for DSI CAD/CAM Components

exocad-logo Pages

Download the original implant library for exocad software

Download updated library for exocad software

Download multi-unit library for exocad software

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Bonding teeth is a process that combines structural changes with cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile further. Latest advances in the bonding materials have amplified the strength, durability, and longevity of these restorations which could be used to address both big and small modifications.

Seventh-generation bonding agents make use of smear layer as a bonding substrate. The acidic primer demineralizes the smear layer along with the top layer on the underlying dentin surface.

The acidic primer also penetrates the exposed collagen together with hydrophilic monomers, which then copolymerize. Since the etched surface isn't rinsed, the demineralized smear layer is included in the hybrid layer.

The hybrid layer varies in depth from 0.5 µm to 5 µm. The acidic primer and adhesive monomers also penetrate collagen fibers because the primer decalcifies the inorganic component in dentin to the same depth that ought to minimize voids, potential leakage, and postoperative sensitivity.

Light-cured, seventh-generation bonding agents are acclaimed mainly for bonding of light-cured direct resin composites. Because of their acidic monomers, the light-cured products are not endorsed for use with self-cured core materials and resin cement. The acidity of these bonding agents can neutralize catalysts related to self-cured resin composites and impede polymerization. The dual-cured seventh-generation bonding agents.

DSI S7 "bond and rinse" adhesive and a combination self-etch adhesives were used to bond the composite. Shear bond strength (SBS) was determined after storage in water for good 24 h.

DSI S7 BOND is a typical light-curing bonding system comprising of a self-etching primer plus a bonding agent included.

The water-based primer allows the immediate treatment for enamel and dentin in a single step.

The patented DSI S7 monomer really helps to eradicate postoperative sensitivities. Direct skin exposure to the contents of the bottles is avoided with the practical “Intelly Case”.

The need to open the individual bottles continues to be eliminated, avoiding the potential risk of skin allergies. Furthermore, it prevents waste.

Bonding DSI S7

Product Code
Liquid, 5 ml DSI-S7


• Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.

• Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin.

• Virtually no post-op sensitivity.

• "Instant-stick" effect for a convenient composite application.

• High bond strength to all indirect surfaces (zirconia, alumina, glass ceramics and metals) without a separate primer.

• Excellent marginal integrity for highly aesthetic restorations.

• One-step, one-coat adhesive application.

• No refrigeration needed.



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