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DSI Hemostatic Sponge - Basic Information

DSI-Sponge absorbs roughly 40-50 points of the weight of its liquid and adheres easily to the bleeding site.

DSI-Sponge is not toxic, hypoallergenic, it does not aggravate any immune response, and it is 100% biocompatible.

It is utilized in a wide-range of oral surgical processes, where traditional hemostatic measures are irrelevant, or unsuitable. When embedded, it is absorbed entirely within 3-4 weeks. In addition, it serves as a mechanical obstruction to bleeding, and it affects the coagulation process.

DSI-Sponge features a porous structure which stimulates the thrombocytes at the instant when the blood is in contact with the matrix of the DSI-Sponge. The thrombocytes offer an immediate response reaction which stimulates their combination. They begin to work as a catalytic agent and change the symptoms of character, for development of the new fibrin.

DSI-Sponge could be left on the bleeding site, at the appropriate time. The sponge will assist with the healing process from the wound and are absorbed wholly without later interference.

This absorption hinges upon several factors, like the amount used, degree of saturation with blood or some other fluids, and also the site of use is one of the frequently employed agents for the control of bleeding.

Unlike most regular collagen, DSI-Sponge is connected to the development of the mechanical matrix that accelerates clotting 5-8 instead of affecting the blood-clotting mechanism. DSI-Sponge dissolves in a single week and it is entirely resorbed in three or four weeks.

DSI-Sponge is made from highly purified first extract grade collagen material.

DSI-Sponge does not have any irritating or perhaps a bio-toxic action. DSI-Sponge stimulates the regeneration of the tissues in the healing stage; it could be removed with comfort and never require any intervention. It is entirely absorbed in a few weeks.


Also available as the DSI-Sponge Plus -  a ready-to-use collagen freeze-dried sponges that have a mix of hemostatic & antiseptic components: iodoform, eugenol, thymol, and lidocaine.

DSI-Sponge Plus comprises of iodoform and works as an antiseptic sponge that distributes iodine when in contact with living tissues, providing antimicrobial action, has a strict and anti-inflammatory property, and permits the formation granulation tissue.

DSI-Sponge Plus is used in dentistry for wound dressing, for example; after dental surgeries, tooth extractions, and canal preparations. 

DSI Sponge Plus carries a triple action: it halts the blood flow, lowering the pain and distress and disinfecting the wound at the same time.

DSI Sponge Plus is known not just to stop bleeding, it is additionally considered to function as a disinfecting agent, and could engage the contamination to clean the wound. 

Having somewhat similar characteristics with the original DSI Sponge and fully absorbs within 3-4weeks.

  1. On operating tissues - It controls oozing usually seal the bleeding tissues immediately. 
  2. It is useful in dentoalveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with likelihood of hemorrhage.
  3. Restoration of mucosal tissues  and removal of mandibular cysts
  4. Maxillo-facial surgery.
  5. As a complementary method to other techniques for hemostasis.



  • It is absorbed biologically within 3-4 weeks. 
  • Seals up the bleeding tissues instantly. 
  • Impeccably sized to use in dentistry. 
  • Utilized dry or saturated with a thrombin solution.
  • Exceptional bio-compatibility.



  • No adverse effects aid the process of recovery
  • Stops blood loss and hemorrhage.
  • Decreases chair time.
  • Control bleeding in extractions and apicoectomies.
  • Truly made from well purified first-grade gelatin

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