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Professional Info

Reports and Studies

Superior Raw Materials

This chapter is focused on the use of titanium and its alloys as biomaterials for dental implants manufacturing. Its biocompatibility makes this raw material ideal for dental implants.
Two of the greatest benefits of titanium are its high strength-to-weight ratio and...

How DSI Implants are Made

What does it take to turn a titanium screw into the medical device? Developing a successful implant system requires knowledge about biology and mechanics, as well as a deep understanding of how the two fields interact.
Our main goal is to gain the ultimate ...

Clean Surfaces

In this chapter we differenctiate between "sterile" and "clean" definitions. The success and safety of dental implants are dependants on the surface composition. Impurities on sterile packaged implants—caused by metal particles and contaminations with organic substances may cause...

Evaluation of Sterility

In this chapter, the importance of manufacturing clean dental implants will be discussed, and how cleanliness should be evaluated in addition to the sterility and biocompatibility of a device. The AAMI method TIR 33: 2005 VDmax20 used in the study ...


A number of different surface modification techniques have been recently applied to titanium alloys in order to improve their tribological performance as well as osseointegration. The most recent developments carried out in the field of surface treatments on titanium with very promising results are...

Safe and Convenient Packaging

Although today a more or less standard set of technologies used for the production of dental implants, the variety of their packaging knows no bondaries. But besides the aesthetics, what are the requirements for implant packaging in order to...

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