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ApexCream for RC Preparation

ApexCream Root Canal Prep

apexcream-small ApexCream for RC Preparation

DSI ApexCream  RC Preparation is used in dentistry as the cleansing and lubricating agent for the root canal walls. Special formula for the easy filling and removal of inorganic substances by chelation produces clean and smooth walls of the root canal making it ready for the endodontic treatment. Comes in a pre-filled syringe or a jar with paste.

Product Code

DSI ApexCream 2x6g Syringes


DSI ApexCream 20g Jar




• Color-less, low viscosity cream.

• Removes the smear layer

• Chelates the dentin.

• Facilitates removal of the calcified obstruction.

• Reacts with Sodium Hypochlorite, producing oxygen bubbles that lift and flush the debris away.



ApexCream ApexCream for RC Preparation

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