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DSI Zoer IRM Cement


DSI Zoer Cement incorporates a reinforcing polymer included in the Zinc Oxide Eugenol powder.

This provides the cement the strength to battle condensation forces as well as guarantee adequate life when used as a temporary filling.

By including the reinforcing agent within the powder rather than the liquid, the mixing properties are enhanced. Though the cement is reinforced, it could be easily removed when utilized in a temporary restoration.

This makes it a first-choice material in a wide range of procedures- from temporary pulp lining to the final implant abutment crown fixation.

DSI Zoer cement has a non-irritating procedure which suits the dental restoration resolutions in wide-ranging varieties.

But before all, it is certainly an intermediate restorative material (IRM). In clinical studies, it was equated to other ZOE (Zinc Oxide- Eugenol) compositions along with an EBA (Eugenol and o-ethoxy benzoic acid) formulation.

Outcome: It had been judged superior for both Class I and II restorations (at two and three-year observations).


Package contents Code
38 g powder jar / 12 ml liquid bottle, mixing accessories DS-ZOE

Product Properties

ü  Momentary filling material.

ü  Transitional restorative material.

ü  Base/lining is under restorative materials (amalgam, silicate, phosphate, glass ionomer).

ü  For closing the coronal percentage of teeth undertaking endodontic treatment.

ü  The recommended solution to use with cement-retained implant restorations.

Among the various uses are rebuilding of deciduous teeth, restorative emergencies; carries management program.


ü  Reinforcing constituent ever present in a powder

Excellent mixing properties

ü  Radiopaque

ü  Long lasting temporary restorative Intermediate solution

ü  Contra-indications


ü  Exceptional mixing properties.

ü  It displays clearly under x-ray.

ü  Intermediate solution.



As with particular other Eugenol comprising materials, the polymerization of acrylic straight filling constituents (acrylic resins and composite resins) and temporary crown and bridge materials are subdued and make use of it with these constituents should be circumvented.

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