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viruseal-ban Peri-implantitis and micro-movements prevention

For about two decades now, implant-based solutions have become the preferred, and life-changing medical procedure of dealing with missing teeth.

Regardless of the fact that Implants enjoy from a long-term success rate of 95%, osseointegrated dental implants may still be in harm way of an infection, that in many cases will lead to implant failure.

Peri-Implantitis is an assortment of diseases creating inflammatory conditions, affecting the soft (Gingiva) and hard (Bone) tissues around dental implants, causing bone deterioration around the implant, resulting in an insufficient tissue to hold the implant in place.

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Peri-Implantitis causes:

Besides the known, unarguable lifestyle or health reasons for bacteria accumulation in the tissue surrounding the implant, such as:

  • Poor oral hygiene maintenance
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive occlusal loads or disoclussion
  • Et cetera


Micro-Gaps found between the implant and the abutment area, provide an ideal bacterial hideout and nesting area for the bacteria to proliferate, and begin the vicious process of bringing the dental implants life to a bitter end.

Management Of Healthy Tissues Or Prevention Measures?

First and foremost, it is the doctor's responsibility to use trusted implants to ensure the best outcome of the procedure and prevent further complications for the sake of the patient.

It is the vital responsibility of the patient to maintain oral health and turn for regular check-ups after an implantation procedure.

Though in some cases this course of action is not enough, and Peri-Implantitis prevails.

To prevent the chances of Peri-Implantitis ever occurring, we must take measures by sealing the micro-gaps of the implant to prevent bacteria accumulation.

ViruSeal: Anti-Bacterial Implant Sealing Gel

DSI ViruSeal is a highly effective anti-bacterial material based on viscous silicone matrix and the antibiotics-free bacteria-resisting formula.

By sealing off the micro-gaps between the implant and the abutment with ViruSeal, we prevent the accumulation of food leftovers in those micro-gaps, that draw pathogenic bacteria inside.

The main vulnerable area is the screw-retained supra-structures, because of the gaps between the threads.

Sealing those gaps off is extremely crucial for the survival of the implant.

Additionally, ViruSeal prevents micro-movements between the implant and the abutment. Providing implant/supra-structure tremendous rigidity and extends the restoration’s life-span.

ViruSeal is also recommended for cemented works, as bacteria are capable of penetrating cement and reaching the implant.

ViruSeal Anti-Bacterial Implant Sealing Gel

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