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DSI Welcomes Guest from India

November 06, 2019


Our Indian customer, Dr.Sharad Arya, accompanied by Dr.Shailendra Baluni, has come to visit us for a short, yet intensive weekend.

After the participation in implant surgery, held by one of the company opinion leaders, Dr.Vladislav Miroshnik, in his private clinic in Ashdod, we’ve moved northbound to see the DSI implant manufacturing facility.

The tour of the enterprise was held by the technical director Mr Roman Nodelman. The guests learn about our production processes and have an insight into the work in our production halls, examined the production sites, as well as the department of quality control, clean rooms and prototype engineering facility.

Dr.Arya and Dr.Baluni noted the volume and modernity of scientific research in the company, the high technological level of production, a responsible attitude to the quality of products, the close relationship between DSI and Israel dental community.




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