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Bone Expansion

Bone Surgery - Expansion & Grafting

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Many techniques and materials that have been used successfully to obtain aesthetically and functionally acceptable alveolar ridge for successful implant placement. Ridge-widening techniques are used as a form of pre-prosthetic ridge plasty for providing support to partial/full dentures placement. If the alveolar bone width is 3mm or greater but less than 6mm, alveolar ridge augmentation using a ridge splitting and bone expansion technique may be required, for successful implant placement. At least 1mm of trabecular bone should be present between the cortical plates when considering the minimum alveolar bone width for surgical procedures. This will allow the bone to spread adequately on either side of the ridge and maintain adequate blood supply. When any instrument is used on the alveolar ridge (for ridge expansion), the mechanism involves inducing a greenstick fracture with lateral positioning of the buccal cortical plate. A longitudinal osteotomy takes place with the formation of a new implant bed. Ridge splitting: is a technique-sensitive procedure that creates a self-space making defect in the atrophied alveolar crests, used to augment the atrophic maxilla and mandible before the implant placement. May be performed with many different instruments, ranging from chisel and mallet to scalpel blades, spatula, osteotomes, piezoelectric surgical systems, lasers, and ultra-fine fissure burs. The bone expansion technique maintains the existing soft bone by pushing the buccal bony plates of the residual ridge laterally with minimal trauma. This technique takes advantage of the softer bone quality found in Types III and IV maxillary bone by relocating the alveolar bone rather than losing the precious bone by drilling, can be done by means of osteotomes (a special set of instruments) developed to form or shape bone in preparation for the placement of dental implants. It increases the width for implant placement and allows immediate placement of implants in narrow ridges at the time of expansion. DSI offers a wide range of bone surgery kits encompassing a broad spectrum of techniques and clinical options to suit best the clinician's needs.


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