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Conical Loc-In

1CCHC Conical Loc-In  nobel-line Conical Loc-In

The internal hex Conical Connection combines a tight seal and high mechanical strength. This tapered abutment connection offers high resistance to bending and rotational torque during a clinical function, which significantly reduces the possibilities of screw fracture or loosening. This increased stability of the abutment/implant interface is critical for the hard and soft tissues and thereby providing predictable and highly esthetic results.


1CC-Locin Conical Loc-In


2CC-Locin Conical Loc-In 


3CC-Locin Conical Loc-In


7CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


1CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In



2CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


3CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


4CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


5CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


6CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


7CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


8CC-LocinKit Conical Loc-In


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