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Sense-X Desensitizer

SENSE-X Sense-X Desensitizer

DSI Sense-X is a one-step single component desensitizer that provides a quick and easy solution to sensitivity caused by open tubules, bacteria, and microleakage. It is safe for the patient and provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity. DSI Sense-X cures dentinal hypersensitivity caused due to cervical erosions and unposed roots. One drop of DSI Sense-X is sufficient to reduce and prevent hypersensitivity. The results appear quickly and effectively, without mixing, curing, or multiple applications. Your patients will feel immediate relief. Every restoration should start with DSI Sense-X Desensitizer. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation. DSI Sense-X neither needs to be stirred or light-cured. This simplifies application and saves time. DSI Sense-X is able to penetrate exposed dentinal tubules up to 200 μm. This leads to the formation of multilayered protein walls which prevent an osmotic fluid exchange with the internal tubules. DSI Sense-X effectively blocks bacteria forms a hermetic seal which traps the bacteria and prevents bacterial growth in the future. DSI Sense-X improves the adhesiveness of several adhesives by reorganizing collapsed collagen fibres.

DSI Sense-X is used for all direct and indirect restorations and gives patients the comfort they deserve.


• Fast action composition and quick sealing of tubules.

• Inhibits bacteria growth due to quick action.

• Cures hypersensitivity caused by open tubules microleakage and technique sensitivity.

• Stops pain caused by hot or cold or sweet/spicy food

• One step chairside solution

• Ideal for use under all indirect restorations

• Insulates unposed dentine

• Fluoride alleviates thermal sensitivity

• Compatible with all amalgams, cement and composites

• No need for additional light-curing

• High fluidity for easy application.

• Prevents post-operative sensitivity

• Cost-effective


Possible Uses:

• Under crowns, Bridges,  Inlays, and Onlays, veneers and temporary restorations.

• Margins in the field of temporary crowns.

• Under all direct restorations.

• Tooth neck erosion.

• Exposed dentine.

• Hypersensitive teeth due to gingiva recession.





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