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Cooler than Ice

icebaby DSI Ice Spray

Endodontic diagnostic starts with the vitality test. Stimulating the tooth nerve endings is a critical part of it - and cold stimulation of the pulp is considered a fast and effective way of vitality check. It could be made with ethyl chloride or regular ice, but the rule is simple - less temperature - faster and more accurate result.

DS-Ice Spray— simple and cost-effective solution. It produces a great temperature reduction, that cannot be achieved with other methods. Being cooler than ice, it quickly cools down to -45°C (-49°F) the cotton pellet and tooth nerve reacts instantly.

DS-Ice Spray is almost twice cooler than the competitive product found on the market, it's the most accurate, fast and effective spot testing solution of pulp health. Net weight 200ml. Includes directional spray nozzle.


  • Fast pulp response
  • Dripping-free
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to use



Code: DS-ICE


Spray-ice DSI Ice Spray



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