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Cooler than Ice

Resorption of the filling material is recognized as one of the requirements of a perfect root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth. Resorption of the root canal filling material should happen as the primary tooth root is resorbed during exfoliation, permitting the normal eruption of the succedaneous tooth. When iodoform paste was unintentionally extruded from the canals in this process, that is what resorbed within one to two weeks, and none of the succedaneous teeth

The DSI ApexFile Gold system is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion. The main ideas behind the ApexFile system are safety and efficiency, It is compatible with the same motor, handpiece and setting Protaper® Files. DSI ApexFile Gold features unique shape memory NiTi alloy. DSI ApexFile Gold — simple and cost-effective solution, visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. ApexFile Gold rotary files feature exact geometries as an increase

Calcium hydroxide is generally an odorless white powder represented with this chemical formula Ca(OH)2. Chemically, it is really classified as a strong base when in contact with aqueous fluids (its pH is roughly 12.5 - 12.8) and dissociates into calcium and hydroxyl ions. Calcium hydroxide is employed and supplied in a number of forms. Calcium Hydroxide is popularly used in endodontics for different purposes. Its antimicrobial properties are related to its high pH (basic), destructive

DSI Natural Rubber Dam, made from natural rubber latex, DSI Dental Dams are used within dentistry to isolate specific areas of the teeth and gums during procedures. They improve infection control, visibility and cleanliness of the working area and patient experience. The use in Dental Dam is now acknowledged as best practice for all types of dentistry around the world. Features:• High-quality rubber dam sheet for absolute isolation.• Materials produced to FDA/CE standards by UK

DSI Alvo-G is a dry socket treatment and post-extraction dressing. It offers a soothing effect during the entire healing process. Its fibrous consistency permits easy filling of the socket. Alvo-G is an antiseptic, analgesic and hemostatic alveolar paste. Alvo-G is commonly a paste for alveolar surgical dressing after tooth extractions. The paste supports hemostasis by compression and defends it from superinfection (alveolar osteitis) by its barrier result introduced into the

Endodontic diagnostic starts with the vitality test. Stimulating the tooth nerve endings is a critical part of it - and cold stimulation of the pulp is considered a fast and effective way of vitality check. It could be made with ethyl chloride or regular ice, but the rule is simple - less temperature - faster and more accurate results. DS-Ice Spray— a simple and cost-effective solution. It produces a great temperature reduction, that cannot be achieved with other methods. Being cooler

ApexSil Root Canal Sealer Powder/Liquid, DSI ApexSil is truly radio-opaque, 2-constituent root canal filler, conveyed in powder and liquid. The constituents are these: diepoxide, zirconium dioxide, amine reinforcing agents and softener. Operational time of the Apexsil powder-liquid set (at room temperature) - 1-2 hours. Hardening time (inside the canal) - 24-48 hours.   FEATURES:• Exceptional radio-opacity for straightforward detection.• Excellent dimensional stability and low

Root Canal Sealant is typically a two constituent product, for example, powder and liquid, which comprises inorganic metal salts and eugenol correspondingly. DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals. Zoer Root integrates reinforcing polymer contained in the o-ethoxy benzoic acid Eugenol powder. This offers the root strength to address condensation forces along with with guarantee adequate life when used as a temporary

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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
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