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Cooler than Ice

ApexIodoform DSI Endo Products

Resorption of the filling material is recognized as one of the requirements of a perfect root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth.

Resorption of the root canal filling material should happen as the primary tooth root is resorbed during exfoliation, permitting normal eruption of the succedaneous tooth. When iodoform paste was unintentionally extruded from the canals in these process, that is what resorbed within one to two weeks, and none of the succedaneous teeth exhibited enamel disturbances or other morphological defects. Apexpaste iodoform is a viscous mix of calcium hydroxide, and iodoform in a syringe with disposable has now come into the dentistry industry.

The primary components of Apexpaste with iodoform is iodoform 40.4%, calcium hydroxide 30.3%, and silicone 22.4%. Apexpaste iodoform when extruded into Furcal or apical areas, may diffuse away or be resorbed partially by macrophages,

Bone regeneration has been clinically and histologically acknowledged after using Calcium hydroxide paste with the addition of Iodoform.

Apexpaste is utilized because of its easy delivery system; it can be found pre-mixed, pre-packed polypropylene syringes with disposable guidelines.

It has established useful effect with pulpectomy treatment in primary teeth.

Apexpaste is better suited for aggressive treatment. It's better antimicrobial properties which have been proving in scientific studies.

Apexpaste with iodoform is used as a root canal filling material for pulpectomy treatment for primary teeth resorbed extravascularly and intravascularly without apparent ill effect became clinically and radio-graphically successful.

It is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy. This paste is packaged into a conventional syringe to remove messy mixing.

Iodoform pastes have better resorbability and disinfectant properties.

Apexpaste iodoform is known to have some antimicrobial action and is easily resorbed when inadvertently forced past the dental apex. Its ionic dissociation owns the antimicrobial action into Ca2 + and OH− ions.

Pre-mixed Calcium hydroxide ApexPaste containing iodoform has better-quality radiopacity and antimicrobial effect.

ApexPaste with Iodoform

Product Code
ApexPaste Iodoform, 2x3g APEX-I
ApexPaste Iodoform, 3g APEX-I-3G



•For direct & indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.

•Apexification and hard tissue formations.

•Momentary or long-lasting filling material for an infected root canal.

•Treatment of root resorption.

•Acid protection when applying etch procedure.

•Flawless cavity liner under all filling materials.

Product Benefits:

•Non-hardening paste with an oil base.

•Sustained discharge of calcium hydroxide assists in creating secondary dentine.

•Excellent biocompatibility without having toxic effects on the cell.

•Resorption of the filling material is regarded as one of the requirements for the best root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth.

•Easy handling and straightforward application.

•Best for an infected root canal and vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.

•Can be utilized jointly with gutta-percha points and regular root canal sealants.

•Outstanding accessibility to apex, plunger type placement.

•High radiopacity

•Exceptional antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties

•Promotes apexification and apexogenesis.


 apexpaste-iodoform DSI Endo Products




ApexSil-Powder DSI Endo Products

ApexSil Root Canal Sealer Powder/Liquid

DSI ApexSil is truly radio-opaque, 2-constituent root canal filler, conveyed in powder and liquid. The constituents are these: diepoxide, zirconium dioxide, amine reinforcing agents and softener. Operational time of the Apexsil powder-liquid set (at room temperature) - 1-2 hours. Hardening time (inside canal) - 24-48 hours.



ApexSil Root Canal Sealer Powder/Liquid

Product Code
ApexSil Powder, 20 g ASIL-P20
ApexSil Liquid, 10 ml ASIL-L10
ApexSil Set Powder+Liquid ASIL-PL



•Exceptional radio-opacity for straightforward detection.

•Excellent dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal.

•Quality flow characteristics to flow into, and cover lateral canals.

•Biologically inactive.

•No staining of teeth.

•Thermoplastic capability makes it straightforward to get rid of.

•Well-matched with any filling technique.

•Exceptionally fast.

•Lasting obturation of root canals of teeth together with root canal points.

•It could be used with gutta-percha, silver and metal points.



ASIL DSI Endo Products

ApexSil Root Canal Sealer Paste

DSI ApexSil is truly radio-opaque, 2-constituent root canal filler, conveyed in paste-paste arrangement.


ApexSil Root Canal Sealer Paste

Product Code
ApexSil Paste 4+4 ml ASIL



•Paste system for rapid, stress-free mixing and dose management.

•Six-hour operating time means no waste of materials on the pad.

•Ten-hour setting time permits for corrections of fillings.

•Improved efficiency – no time consuming mixing any longer.

•Improved working ergonomics – direct, accurate placement.

•Lasting obturation of root canals of teeth together with root canal points.

•It could be used with gutta-percha, silver and metal points.



APEXSIL1 DSI Endo Products


APEXSIL2 DSI Endo Products



icebaby DSI Endo Products

Endodontic diagnostic starts with the vitality test. Stimulating the tooth nerve endings is a critical part of it - and cold stimulation of the pulp is considered a fast and effective way of vitality check. It could be made with ethyl chloride or regular ice, but the rule is simple - less temperature - faster and more accurate result.

DS-Ice Spray— simple and cost-effective solution. It produces a great temperature reduction, that cannot be achieved with other methods. Being cooler than ice, it quickly cools down to -45°C (-49°F) the cotton pellet and tooth nerve reacts instantly.

DS-Ice Spray is almost twice cooler than the competitive product found on the market, it's the most accurate, fast and effective spot testing solution of pulp health. Net weight 200ml. Includes directional spray nozzle.


  • Fast pulp response
  • Dripping-free
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to use



Code: DS-ICE


Spray-ice DSI Endo Products



ApexGold1 DSI Endo Products

The DSI ApexFile Gold system is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion. The main ideas behind the ApexFile system are safety and efficiency,

It is compatible with the same motor, handpiece and setting Protaper® Files. DSI ApexFile Gold features unique shape memory NiTi alloy.

DSI ApexFile Gold — simple and cost-effective solution.

DSI ApexFile Gold visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. ApexFile Gold rotary files feature exact geometries as an increase in flexibility. This is especially important in the Finishing Files when navigating challenging curves in the apical region.

Developed with proprietary advanced metallurgy, DSI ApexFile Gold rotary files deliver greater flexibility for predictable DSI ApexFile Gold performance that’s more brilliant than ever.

DSI ApexFile Gold Shaping Files pre-enlarge canals and are designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique.

DSI ApexFile Gold Finishing Files provide the trusted deep shapes that promote 3D cleaning and filling root canal systems.


ApexGold3 DSI Endo Products 

ApexFile Gold

Product 19 mm 21 mm 25 mm 31 mm
Shaping Files SX 19SX      
Shaping Files S1    21S1 21S1 31S1
Shaping Files S2    21S2 25S2 31S2
Finishing Files F1    21F1 25F1 31F1
Finishing Files F2    21F2 25F2 31F2
Finishing Files F3    21F3 25F3 31F3
 Assorted Files SX-F3   21SXF3 25SXF3 31SXF3


 GoldApex DSI Endo Products


•New generation material – 18k gold coated NiTi.

•Improved shapes – structurally appropriate for predictable cleaning, confit, and obturation.

•High fracture resistance and long-last shaping ability.

•Ideal for a wide range of canal morphologies.

•Compatible with your existing reciprocating handpieces and settings.


Gold-convex DSI Endo Products

DSI ApexFile Gold convex triangular cross-section and progressive taper enhance cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin.


Non-Cutting-Tip DSI Endo Products

The non-cutting tip design allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of the canal while the small flat area on the tip enhances its ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris.



Gold_file DSI Endo Products



ApexPaste DSI Endo Products

Calcium hydroxide is generally an odorless white powder represented with this chemical formula Ca(OH)2. Chemically, it is really classified as a strong base when in contact with aqueous fluids (its pH is roughly 12.5 - 12.8), and dissociate into calcium and hydroxyl ions. Calcium hydroxide is employed and supplied in a number of forms.

Calcium Hydroxide is popularly used in endodontics for different purposes. Its antimicrobial properties are related to its high pH (basic), destructive effects on bacterial cell walls and capability to dissolve organic tissue.

It is employed widely in the intracanal medicament. It is used for apexification, apexigenesis, and treatments of root resorption.

DSI ApexPaste is the Ca(OH)2 endodontic paste is made from Ca(OH)2 powder, along with a radio-opacifier and plasticizer.

Though the control of a paste material at the apex of a canal could be extremely difficult, the resorptive properties of calcium hydroxide transform it into a forgiving material.

Calcium hydroxide has been employed in dentistry for many decades. It has been employed in a number of applications in the area of endodontics like root resorption, intracanal medicament, and root canal sealers.

Even though this material has many benefits, it also has certain limitations.

The antimicrobial effect of calcium hydroxide is very contentious. Though, some studies supported the use of calcium hydroxide against some bacteria while others reported its drawback against fungal infection. Calcium hydroxide can be utilized successfully as an intracanal medicament, root canal sealer, in weeping canals, for perforation management and root resorption.

In spite of the limitation of the antimicrobial action of calcium hydroxide, it is used excellently in quite a few treatment modalities in endodontics.

Due to its biological and therapeutical properties, calcium hydroxide is the material of choice for all pulp therapy.

Moreover, when you utilize calcium hydroxide as a dressing material in root canal treatment caution must be taken to avoid the overextension of the paste past the tooth apex and get away from the harmful negative effects.

ApexPaste Calcium Hydroxide

Product Code
ApexPaste, 2x 3g APEX-C
ApexPaste, 3g APEX-C-3G



•Initially bactericidal effect then bacteriostatic.

•Supports healing and repair.

•High pH stimulates fibroblasts.

•Stops internal resorption.

•Counteracts low pH of acids.

•Safe and simple to use, no contra-indications.

•Perfect for temporary root filling.

•Pulp capping.

•Pulp protection

•Offers insulation in deep cavities.

•Delivers bactericidal impact on carious dentine.

•Paste brought to root apex delivers pulp insulation.


 apexpaste DSI Endo Products



DentalDam DSI Endo Products

DSI Natural Rubber Dam

Made from natural rubber latex, DSI Dental Dams are used within dentistry to isolate specific areas of the teeth and gums during procedures. They improve infection control, visibility and cleanliness of the working area and patient experience. The use in Dental Dam is now acknowledged as best practice for all types of dentistry around the world.


  • High-quality rubber dam sheet for absolute isolation.
  • Materials produced to FDA/CE standards by UK factory
  • Very low in powder
  • Very strong - does not tear during the procedures.
  • Smooth / no wrinkles.
  • Great resistance.
  • Shrink-wrapped for cleanliness
  • Biologically inactive.
  • Rigid cardboard box


Product Code
Dental Dam 5x5" 52pcs DD-DAM-5X5
Dental Dam 6x6" 36pcs DD-DAM-6X6



DentalDam-Flyer DSI Endo Products





Alvo-G DSI Endo Products

DSI Alvo-G is a dry socket treatment and post-extraction dressing. It offers a soothing effect during the entire healing process. Its fibrous consistency permits easy filling of the socket.

Alvo-G is an antiseptic, analgesic and hemostatic alveolar paste. Alvo-G is commonly a paste for alveolar surgical dressing after tooth extractions. The paste supports hemostasis by compression and defends it from superinfection (alveolar osteitis) by its barrier result introduced into the socket.

Alvo-G easily sticks to the alveolus due to the fibrous stability. Supported by the patient's tongue movements, it slowly self-eliminates devoid of any intervention from the physician as the usual healing of the wound happens. Alvo-G is incredibly easy to apply and needed no special attention from the specialist other than observation of the recovery process.

Alvo G is used as an anesthetic, and antiseptic Alvo-G usually compress after dental extraction.

Alvo-G offers quick bleeding stoppage on account of the presence of Amino capronic acid & fibers is actually a one-step, self-eliminating treatment necessitating no suturing no special attention, apart from observation of the process of recovery.

It gives a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues hence, helping rapidly to lessen the pain sensation.

The constituents of the Alvo-G paste consisting of analgesic and anti-microbial actions.


Alvo-G Pro with Propolis

The presence of Propolis in its formulation helps in the regeneration and healing stimulation as well as acts in the analgesia that guarantees a calmer postoperative period to the patient.

• The only one with propolis.

• Presence of propolis – action: stimulates the cicatrization, Anesthetic, Anti-inflammatory, and Antimicrobial.

• Eugenol free.

Alvo-G Pro with Propolis

Product Code
Paste 10 gr ALVOGPRO

Alvo-G Post-extraction Paste

Alvo-G is a one-step, self-eliminating treatment requiring no suturing and no special attention, other than observation of the healing process. It provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain.

• Self-resolving paste that swells upon contact with blood and presses the capillaries.

• Aminocaproic acid included boosts the hemostatic effect.

• Does not contain Eugenol or Iodoform for patient's comfort and less unpleasant odor.

Alvo-G Iodoform-Free

Product Code
Paste 20 gr ALVOG20


Features & Benefits:

•It is antiseptic and analgesic paste.

•Has an effective antimicrobial action.

•Easily sticks to your alveolus and aided the patient's tongue movements, it slowly self-eliminates.

•Antimicrobial action.

•High putty-like stability-very simple to apply.

•Safe and simple to use.

•Eugenol free formulation causes no irritation in contact with alveolar tissue.


Choose from two product versions:

Alvo-G Hemostatic and Alvo-G Pro

Alvo-G Pro with Propolis(10g)

Barrier material, made with the natural components (propolis & beeswax) with incorporated iodoform.

Recommended for the prevention and treatment of alveolitis. 

Provides multiple effects: a healing process stimulation, the anti-inflammatory action of the propolis is combined with the cells growth stimulation and highly anti-microbic effect of iodoform.

Alvo-G Iodoform-Free(20g)

Self-resolving paste that swells upon contact with blood and presses the capillaries.

Aminocaproic acid included boosts the hemostatic effect.

Does not contain Eugenol or Iodoform for patient's comfort and less unpleasant odor.



alvo-g-hemostatic DSI Endo Products

alvog-pro DSI Endo Products

ZOER-Sealent DSI Endo Products

Root Canal Sealant is typically a two constituent product, for example, powder and liquid, which comprises inorganic metal salts and eugenol correspondingly.

DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals.

Zoer Root integrates reinforcing polymer contained in the o-ethoxy benzoic acid Eugenol powder.

This offers the root the strength to address condensation forces along with guarantee adequate life when used as a temporary filling.

By adding the reinforcing agent in the powder instead of the liquid, the mixing properties are improved. Though the Zoer Root is strengthened, it may be easily removed when employed in a temporary restoration.

This causes it to become a first-choice material in an extensive range of procedures- from temporary root filling to the complicated multiple infected root treatment.

Zoer Root comprises a non-irritating technique which fits the dental restoration resolutions in across-the-board varieties. It has exceptional flowability and fills the lateral canals together with the dentine tubules.

Zoer Root is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals.

• Treatment of Pulpitis.

• Treatment of periodontitis.

• Filling of the root canals with morphological changes.

• Filling with gutta-percha.



Product Code
Zoer Root Powder 25 gr, Liquid 8 ml ZOER-ROOT



•Antiseptic and non-inflammatory.

•Grounded in Grossman's Formula.

•Radiopaque and non-staining.

•Outstanding thermal insulation.

•Very long working time.

•Exceptional lubricating qualities.

•Low zinc ease cytotoxic and inflammatory effects on the tissues.

•Brilliant physical properties for enduring restorations.

•Low polymerization shrinkage

•Higher filler contents.

•Exceptionally high abrasion resistance.

•Ideal for warm gutta-percha technique

•Outstanding mixing properties.

•It shows clearly under x-ray.



•Non-inflammatory formula with antibacterial features

•Reinforcing component ever enclosed in a powder.

•Outstanding mixing properties with increased working time

•Excellent thermal insulation when set.

•6+ hours mixing time for maximum comfort and control


 zical-root-promo DSI Endo Products


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