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DSI Multi Bar

multi-bar DSI Multi Bar


DSI MultiBar screw-retained restoration based on 4/6 multi-units.

By providing an anchorage of 4 or 6 implants across one jaw, a better and more stable base for the whole prosthetic structure is achieved.

This system saves valuable chair-time and can be placed in one day. When the patient doesn't need to come back multiple times and feel uncomfortable with missing teeth, the customer satisfaction level is radically improved.


The core idea behind the Multi-bar system is to provide the best stability for the patient while enabling a comfortable and natural as possible experience for a prolonged period.

Ideal for the immediate provisional load but works great with the traditional two-stage protocols as well.

dsi-multi-unit-bar-box DSI Multi Bar

The Titanium Rods provided slide into the special titanium sleeves provided and secured with the screw.

After the special treatment, the alloy has no memory and could be bent and sculpted to achieve the necessary archform.

Two connective bars are providing a stronger, more stable solution for All on 4/ All on 6 dentures.

The pressure is equally dispensed which allows performing basic actions, like chewing, without pain, even at the early post-operational period.

The friction and overall discomfort are also eliminated.

But the benefits of this system doesn't end by providing a stronger foundation for the denture.

The ready to use structure is a feather-light, the factor that always makes a positive impact on the patient.

The installation process is quick and straight-forward and can be done chairside,  thus making this solution double cost-effective.

You save the dental lab processing time and the cost of work

The DSI Multi-Bar Kit system also contains all the complementary products needed.

 multibar-p01 DSI Multi Bar

multibar-p02 DSI Multi Bar


 The package options:

All-on-4 Multi-Bar Kit  (Ref MUL-KS-B4  )

All-on-6 Multi-Bar Kit  (Ref MUL-KS-B6 )


All-included 4 Multi-Bar Kit (Ref  MUL-4-FULL)

1 x Multi-Bar Kit for 4

4 x DSI Premium Multi-unit Abutments of your choice (straight/angulated)

4 x MUA Transfers of your choice (open/closed tray)

4 x MUA Analogs


All-included 4 Multi-Bar Kit (Ref  MUL-6-FULL)

1 x Multi-Bar Kit for 6

6 x DSI Premium Multi-unit Abutments of your choice (straight/angulated)

6 x MUA Transfers of your choice (open/closed tray)

6 x MUA Analogs


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