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DSI Prophylaxis Line

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The definition of prophylaxis is the prevention of disease. 

In DSI, we believe that procedures and cleaning routines that promote oral health of teeth, gums and mouth and to prevent or halt the progression of periodontal disease, can be enjoyable and fun.


DSI Prophy Air is a sodium bicarbonate powder for use with prophylaxis air cleaning unit. It has excellent cleaning ability and tastes great! Being less abrasive than prophy paste, it quickly and safely removes plaque and soft debris.

Five flavours to choose - from a classic lemon to exotic tropic fruit punch.

Packaging: 300g plastic cap bottle.


DSI Prophy Paste features a splatter-free formula and leaves the patient mouth and face clean after use. It also contains the potassium nitrate, used in whitening products, giving the instant effect your customer will praise. With eight natural flavours, including exclusive black currant taste, that will bring a smile to your customer's face, it still remains exceptional effective in polishing and stain-removal. A fluoride-free formula gives you the option to finish the cleaning session or upgrade with DSI Fluoride Gel placement.

Packaging: 340g jar.


DSI Fluoride Gel for preventing tooth decay. Neutral PH formula is safe and effective for patients with porcelain or composite restorations. Smooth and thixotropic consistency and excellent tasting flavours - orange, cherry and strawberry - for the patient pleasure. Acidulated phosphate contains 12300 ppm (1.23%) Fluoride ions.

60 seconds (80% effectiveness) or 4 minutes (100% effectiveness) application options are available.

Packaging: 500 ml bottle.


 DSI Prophy Air

Product Code
Prophy Air Lemonade PROAIR-L
Prophy Air Cherry PROAIR-C
Prophy Air Wild Berry PROAIR-W
Prophy Air Exotic Fruit PROAIR-E
Prophy Air Spearmint PROAIR-M


 DSI Prophy Paste

Product Code
Prophy Paste Lemon PPASTE-L
Prophy Paste Cherry PPASTE-C
Prophy Paste Black Currant PPASTE-B
Prophy Paste Orange PPASTE-O
Prophy Paste Spearmint PPASTE-M
Prophy Paste Strawberry PPASTE-S
Prophy Paste Exotic Fruit PPASTE-E
Prophy Paste Wildberry PPASTE-W


 DSI Fluoride Gel

Product Code
Fluoride Gel Strawberry DS-FLR-GEL-STR-500ML
Fluoride Gel Cherry DS-FLR-GEL-CHR-500ML
Fluoride Gel Orange DS-FLR-GEL-ORA-500ML



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