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UniLite Temp in Syringe

UniLite Temp

unilite-temp UniLite Temp in Syringe

DSI UniLite Temp is light-cured semi-gel type temporary composite resin in the syringe.

Used before dental prosthetic installation or during the endodontic treatment as temporary filling material to isolate prepared dental cavities from the extreme oral conditions. Light curing composite resin in release semi-gel type is directly discharged to the dental cavities through the disposable tip for easy application. The process can be simplified during the occlusal checks where the light curing can be done shortly after the filling, mouth closed and opened and the material excess removed.

Product Code
UniLite Temp 2g Syringe UL-TMP1
UniLite Dam 5x2g Pack UL-TMP



• Little to no deviation during the prolonged time period

• Viscous solution is easy to apply

• Non-complicated removal

• Good sealing ability of the cavity until removal

• Material elasticity allows the material to withstand the masticatory forces applied



unilite-temp-article UniLite Temp in Syringe

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