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Cakcium Hydroxide Paste

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Calcium hydroxide is generally an odorless white powder represented with this chemical formula Ca(OH)2. Chemically, it is really classified as a strong base when in contact with aqueous fluids (its pH is roughly 12.5 - 12.8) and dissociates into calcium and hydroxyl ions. Calcium hydroxide is employed and supplied in a number of forms. Calcium Hydroxide is popularly used in endodontics for different purposes. Its antimicrobial properties are related to its high pH (basic), destructive effects on bacterial cell walls and capability to dissolve organic tissue. It is employed widely in the intracanal medicament. It is used for apexification, apexigenesis, and treatments of root resorption. DSI ApexPaste is the Ca(OH)2 endodontic paste that is made from Ca(OH)2 powder, along with a radio-opacifier and plasticizer. Though the control of a paste material at the apex of a canal could be extremely difficult, the resorptive properties of calcium hydroxide transform it into a forgiving material. Calcium hydroxide has been employed in dentistry for many decades. It has been employed in a number of applications in the area of endodontics like root resorption, intracanal medicament, and root canal sealers. Even though this material has many benefits, it also has certain limitations. The antimicrobial effect of calcium hydroxide is very contentious. Though, some studies supported the use of calcium hydroxide against some bacteria while others reported its drawback against fungal infection. Calcium hydroxide can be utilized successfully as an intracanal medicament, root canal sealer, in weeping canals, for perforation management and root resorption. In spite of the limitation of the antimicrobial action of calcium hydroxide, it is used excellently in quite a few treatment modalities in endodontics. Due to its biological and therapeutical properties, calcium hydroxide is the material of choice for all pulp therapy. Moreover, when you utilize calcium hydroxide as a dressing material in root canal treatment caution must be taken to avoid the overextension of the paste past the tooth apex and get away from the harmful negative effects

Initially bactericidal effect then bacteriostatic.

• Supports healing and repair.
• High pH stimulates fibroblasts.
• Stops internal resorption.
• Counteracts low pH of acids.
• Safe and simple to use, no contra-indications.
• Perfect for temporary root filling.
• Pulp capping.
• Pulp protection
It offers insulation in deep cavities.
• Delivers bactericidal impact on carious dentine.
• Paste brought to root apex delivers pulp insulation.

1ApexPaste ApexPaste Calcium


 apexpaste ApexPaste Calcium



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