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Medical FaceShield

facemaskg Medical FaceShield

Who told PPE cannot be stylish and comfortable?
DSI Safety Google combined with Anti-fog face shield offers a wider viewing area and superior protection from liquid splashes and flying debris.
Only 18g/0.6oz  weight will make a long hours a breeze. Convenient to wear or take off, the shield screen is mounted on the goggle.
Suitable for many occasions to use, such as medical, dental offices, beauty&manicure salons and more. Durable and long-lasting, will not break or crack.
Easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Shield: Strong PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 
Frame: Polycarbonate and Silicone rubber (FDA approved)

• Durable, lightweight construction

• Protection from splash, spatter, spray, or aerosols.

• Replaceable face shield sheet
• Fully adjustable (height, length)

• Soft silicone padding at nose and ears area for added comfort

• Designed and made in Israel

facegoogle Medical FaceShield



faceshield-new Medical FaceShield

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