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Compatible Ti-base Abutments

101TBases Compatible Ti-base Abutmentsdsicadcam Compatible Ti-base Abutments 

The Ti-Base for individual abutments or screw-retained crown/bridge serves as a connector between the implant and its final restoration, enabling CAD/CAM customized solutions, with customized anatomic contours, emergence profile and margin placement to provide precession and excellent esthetic reults. Titanium CAD/CAM Abutments are superior to all prefabricated abutments on the market. They can be customized and finely tuned to reflect the customer's specific needs. Platforms are compatible with Zimmer, Implant Direct, ADIN, AlphaBio, MIS, AB, Cortex, etc. Made from: Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI.

• Customized shape and emergence profile.
• Control over the cement gap.
• Optimized path of insertion.
• High convenience in the restoration.
• Platform: 3.75mm standard.
• Connection: Hex 2.45mm.


1ATi-Base Compatible Ti-base Abutments


2ATi-Base Compatible Ti-base Abutments


3ATi-Base Compatible Ti-base Abutments


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