Natural Shape Concave Abutments

At DSI, our Research and Development Unit is constantly working round the clock to develop new products that will improve the overall aspects of dental implant and care. One of such recent feats was the development of the new generation DSI Emergence Profile Concave Abutments. Since our team at DSI recognizes the significance of creating an optimized gingival profile, we have put in your hand the DSI Anatomic Concave Abutment, because it has all the elements to represent the prosthesis that makes the final restoration look as natural as it can be.

Our Unique Anatomic Concave Abutments are designed to offer you aesthetically pleasing results and to enable the gingival tissue to grow perfectly around its neck.

What is an Abutment?

An Abutment is a connector that dentist or clinician places on the top of the dental implant, to connect the implant to the replacement tooth.

Abuments could be made from gold, surgical stainless steel, titanium. Our prosthetic implant abutments are made from Titanium, which comes in low density and high strength, and TiN coating providing additional abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction.

Features of DSI Anatomic Concave Abutments

Below are some of the features that you will notice about our abutments

·        They are designed for immediate implant loading

·        They cover the full restoration period line – available as concave healing cap, concave transfer, concave temporary abutment and concave final abutment

·        They enable the replacement of temporary prosthetics without harm to the newly formed tissue structure

·        They come in straight, 15° angulated and 25° angulated varieties

·        They come in different collar heights ranging from 1mm to 4mm

·        They create an optimal emergence profile

·        They consist of the highest grade of Titanium alloy (5) with a Titanium Nitrate coating

·        They have a higher surface scratch resistance and lower friction

Benefits of DSI Anatomic Concave Abutment

·        It eliminates the need for soft tissue reshaping after tooth removal or implantation

·        It ensures the emergence profile for the optimal restorative process

·        It stabilizes the gingival built immediately after extraction and implant placement

·        It accelerates gingival healing


So when next you are considering to perform an implant procedure, you don't have to look far because, you have got an abutment that you could trust to give you the result you seek– ask you clinician for the DSI Concave Abutment.

concave-small Natural Shape Concave Abutments