Impression Transfers

ear Impression Transfers transfer Impression Transfers


DSI transfers are designed for impressions using the open-tray technique when the retentions are sharp, and for the closed-tray technique when the retentions are round.

The body of all  DSI transfers is made of titanium; the screws are made of titanium alloy.


  DSI Impression Coping  

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Tray-Transfers Impression Transfers
 Open / Closed Impression Coping Tray Transfer
Length Height Code
Ø 4.75 mm 10 mm STS
Ø 4.75 mm 15 mm ST13
Clip impression transfer with no affixing screw:  
Suitable for closed tray method with a higher
level of precision. Available in short and long sizes.  
Clip-Transfer Impression Transfers
Impression Coping Closed Tray Click Clip Transfer
Length Height Code
Ø 4.5 mm 9 mm STC9
Ø 4.5 mm 13 mm STC13
Ø 4.5 mm
13 mm   TMIS15
414 Impression Transfers
Narrow Transfer Impression Coping Open Tray Ø2.0
Length Height Code
Ø 3.8 mm 13 mm STN38
Universal-Multi-unit Impression Transfers
  Universal Multi-Unit Closed
Tray Internal Hex Transfer 
Length Height Code
Ø 4.75 mm 9 mm STMS
Exclusive Solutions 
Angulated-Transfers Impression Transfers
Angulated Impression Coping 15° / 25°
Closed Transfer Abutment
Length Height Code
15° 11 mm ANGTR-15
25° 11 mm ANGTR-25
 Transfer-Abutments Impression TransfersStraight Snap-On Cap Click Anatomic Abutment Transfer
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 7 mm SPUT1
2 mm 8 mm SPUT2
3 mm 9 mm  SPUT3
4 mm 10 mm SPUT4
Snap-on-Transfer Impression TransfersAngulated Snap-On Cap
Click Transfer Abutment 15°
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 2 mm MPAA1
2 mm 3 mm MPAA2
3 mm 4 mm  MPAA3
4 mm 5 mm MPAA4
Angulated Snap-On Cap
Click Transfer Abutment 25°
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 2 mm LPAA1
2 mm 3 mm LPAA2
3 mm 4 mm  LPAA3
4 mm 5 mm LPAA4


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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
Please check with us to find out which devices are available in your country