Impression Transfers

ear Impression Transfers transfer Impression Transfers


DSI transfers are designed for impressions using the open-tray technique when the retentions are sharp, and for the closed-tray technique when the retentions are round.

The body of all  DSI transfers is made of titanium; the screws are made of titanium alloy.


  DSI Impression Coping  

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Tray-Transfers Impression Transfers
 Open / Closed Impression Coping Tray Transfer
Length Height Code
Ø 4.75 mm 10 mm STS
Ø 4.75 mm 15 mm ST13
Clip impression transfer with no affixing screw:  
Suitable for closed tray method with a higher
level of precision. Available in short and long sizes.  
Clip-Transfer Impression Transfers
Impression Coping Closed Tray Click Clip Transfer
Length Height Code
Ø 4.5 mm 9 mm STC9
Ø 4.5 mm 13 mm STC13
Ø 4.5 mm
13 mm   TMIS15
414 Impression Transfers
Narrow Transfer Impression Coping Open Tray Ø2.0
Length Height Code
Ø 3.8 mm 13 mm STN38
Universal-Multi-unit Impression Transfers
  Universal Multi-Unit Closed
Tray Internal Hex Transfer 
Length Height Code
Ø 4.75 mm 9 mm STMS
Exclusive Solutions 
Angulated-Transfers Impression Transfers
Angulated Impression Coping 15° / 25°
Closed Transfer Abutment
Length Height Code
15° 11 mm ANGTR-15
25° 11 mm ANGTR-25
 Transfer-Abutments Impression TransfersStraight Snap-On Cap Click Anatomic Abutment Transfer
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 7 mm SPUT1
2 mm 8 mm SPUT2
3 mm 9 mm  SPUT3
4 mm 10 mm SPUT4
Snap-on-Transfer Impression TransfersAngulated Snap-On Cap
Click Transfer Abutment 15°
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 2 mm MPAA1
2 mm 3 mm MPAA2
3 mm 4 mm  MPAA3
4 mm 5 mm MPAA4
Angulated Snap-On Cap
Click Transfer Abutment 25°
Collar Height Height Code
1 mm 2 mm LPAA1
2 mm 3 mm LPAA2
3 mm 4 mm  LPAA3
4 mm 5 mm LPAA4


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