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Straight Abutments

Straight Abutments

pul Straight Abutments straight_abutment_titanium Straight Abutments


  Used for cemented singe and multiple unit restorations,

DSI abutments enhance the aesthetics of a dental implant restoration.

All DSI Abutments are made from the same Eli-Grade 23 titanium,

that is used in implants production.

This material provides an incredible strength and durability,

along with the long-term resistance to corrosive forces of the

intra-oral area.

Straight Abutment Line


Straight Aesthetic Anatomic Abutment
These specially designed abutments provide a better aesthetic
gingival contour during the restorative phase than can be
achieved with a standardly designed abutment.
 Anatomic-Abutment Straight Abutments
Width Height Collar Code
 4.8 mm   10.0 mm  1 mm   STA1 
 4.8 mm  11.0 mm  2 mm  STA2
 4.8 mm  12.0 mm  3 mm  STA3
 4.8 mm  13.0 mm  4 mm  STA4
Straight Shoulder Abutment
For use when screw retention of a prosthesis is desired,
e.g., bars, bridges, and implants that are within 30° of each other.
Regular Platform
Shoulder Straight Abutments
Width Height Collar Code
  4.8 mm  9.0 mm  1 mm  STSA01
 4.8 mm 10.5 mm  2 mm STSA02
 4.8 mm 11.5 mm  3 mm STSA03
 4.8 mm 12.5 mm  4 mm STSA04


Straight Shoulder Abutment Narrow Platform 2.0

Shoulder Straight Abutments

Width Height Collar Code
  3.8 mm  9.0 mm   STAS9
 3.8 mm 7.5 mm  1 mm SSAS1
 3.8 mm 8.5 mm  2 mm SSAS2
 3.8 mm 9.5 mm  3 mm SSAS3
Standard Straight Abutment / Wide
The Standard straight abutments can be used in a single tooth
and in partially or totally edentulous situations. It can be deployed
both in cement-retained and screw-retained restorations.
Straight-Shoulder-Abutment11 Straight Abutments
Width Height Collar Code
 4.6 mm   9.0 mm  1 mm STA9
 4.6 mm  11.0 mm  2 mm  STA11
 5.5 mm  9.0 mm  3 mm STWA9
 5.5 mm  11.5 mm  4 mm STWA12

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