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Surgical Kits


surgical-kit Surgical Kits  Premium-Surgical-Kit-Box Surgical Kits


DSI Surgical Kit will allow you to perform a broad range of treatment procedures of implant placement cases. With the recommended drilling protocol integrated, using the instruments and drills included, together with the DSI Spiral Implants, will always bring you the best possible results.

DSI Surgical Kit contains all the instruments that you will be needed during the standard surgical procedure. These instruments are ergonomically designed, organized by their layouts and clearly labeled for easy return to the tray. Drills are arranged from left to right from top to bottom with the perfect drilling protocol in mind to give you a more intuitive feel and ensure the best case results. The box is made of high-quality tough plastic, and it is autoclavable in a temperature of 134° C. Internal Ratchet Driver Hex Code 2.42 RDK24070 2.42 RDK24150 1.25 RDK125100 Hand Abutment


  DSI Premium Surgical Kit Box  

 Code: SK-4

This kit contains:

  • 1 Universal ratchet driver
  • 1 Gauge depth probe measuring tool
  • 1 Drill extender
  • 1 Hand abutment driver
  • 2 Parallel jag pins
  • 2 Countersink drills
  • 3 Ratchet drivers
  • 1 Pilot Drill
  • 7 Cylindrical drills and 2 Conical Drills
  • 2 Motor mount hex driver
  • 1 Special plastic polymer
  • autoclavable box with rigid rubber inserts


Standard Ratchet Wrench
with Interchangeable Ring
6.35 mm Standard-Ratchet-Wrench Surgical Kits SR


One-piece Depth Probe & Implant Spacer Code
Depth-Probe Surgical Kits DPKOP


Length Jag Parallel Guide Pin Code
10.0 mm Jag1 Surgical Kits SPP100
16.0 mm  Jag2 Surgical Kits SPP160


Length Motor Mount Driver Hex 2.42 Code
20.0 mm MM24220 Surgical Kits MM24220
28.0 mm  MM24228 Surgical Kits MM24228


Ø mm  Standard Cylindrical Drills Code
Pilot 1.9 Surgical Kits MDI190
Ø2.0 PD200 Surgical Kits PD200
Ø2.5 TD250 Surgical Kits TD250
Ø2.8 TD280 Surgical Kits TD280
Ø3.2 TD320 Surgical Kits TD320
Ø3.65 TD365 Surgical Kits TD365
Ø4.0 TD400 Surgical Kits TD400
Ø4.2 TD420 Surgical Kits TD420
Ø4.5 TD450 Surgical Kits TD450
Ø5.2 TD520 Surgical Kits TD520


Length Hand Hex Abutment Driver Code
15.0 mm Hand-Hex-Abutment-Driver Surgical Kits HDK125150


Length External Drill Code
29.0 mm Universal-External-Irrigation-Drill Surgical Kits TDE


Ø D1-D2 mm Conical Drills  Code
Ø2.5-3.7 CD370A Surgical Kits CD370
Ø2.7-4.0 CD400A Surgical Kits CD400
Ø mm  Countersink Drills Code
Ø3.75-4.2 CD375 Surgical Kits CD375
Ø5.0-6.0 CD500 Surgical Kits CD500


Internal Ratchet Driver
2.42 RDK24070 Surgical Kits RDK24070
2.42 RDK24150 Surgical Kits RDK24150
1.25 RDK125100 Surgical Kits RDK125100


surgical-kit Surgical KitsSinus-Kit3 Surgical Kits


Safely and rapidly lifts the sinus membrane while drilling. Unique stopper system that prevents over drilling into the sinus cavity. A hydraulic lift system that lifts the membrane easily & safely. Bone carrier system for transferring and filling bone material with more precision and ease. Simple and intuitive surgical system.   

Minimally Invasive And Innovative Surgery Kit


  DSI Sinus Lift Kit  


Kinus Surgical Kits




surgical-kit Surgical Kits  Box2 Surgical Kits


  • Maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Longer drill lifespan.
  • High contrast markings for increased visibility.
  • Increased accuracy for drilling in proximity to vital structures.
  • Reduced friction at the cutting site, thus decreasing tissue and bone necrosis and ensuring faster and better recovery.
  • Unique design and sharpness for minimal invasiveness and increased apex implant stability.


  DSI One Drilling System  

Compatible With: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, Dentsply, Zimmer, Biomet 3i and more...

Code: DS-RKS

 OneDrillingSystem Surgical Kits


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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
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