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SLA-T SLA - The leading surface treatment

SLA - The leading and most popular surface treatment for implants up to date

SLA – Stands for Sand blast, Large grit, Acid-etch. A surface treatment that sets to Improve the implants properties, yet to keep its rudimentary qualities intact.

It has been found, that the key parameter in osseointegration of the implant, it’s the implants surface quality. With enhanced Implant surface, we achieve accelerated osseointegration, that translates into stability and reduced chair time.


SLA Treatment Process:

The implants surface is blasted with corundum particles of aluminium oxide, acquiring micro-roughness. The next step - dipping the implant into a high-temperature mixture of sulfuric & hydrochloric acids, as a consequence, micro-cavities of 2-4 microns in size, are formed.


SLA biological point of view:

Just like in the small intestine, where mucosa cells contain microvilli which are tiny hair-like projections, that increase the surface area of the small intestine allowing more area for nutrients to be absorbed – Similar biological mechanism is achieved by SLA implant surface treatment. By increasing the surface area of the implant, we allow for better osteoblast proliferation and cellular adhesion, thus increasing the bone to implant contact, resulting in an excelled process of osseointegration.



Taking tissue integration to the next level, SLA treatment succeeds in producing a surface topography, that provides an ideal structure for cell attachment.

Many documented pre-clinical & clinical studies done on implants following an SLA treatment, indicate a survival rate of 98.8% (95.1% )in a 5 (10)-year follow-up, with low-to-none prevalence for peri-implantitis along with faster healing time.

SLA is the most popular implant surface treatment up to date. Utilized by the strongest dental companies on the market including DSI, that offers a wide range of Implant lines enhanced by this simple yet sophisticated treatment. Within those SLA processed Implant lines you can find:


DSI Conical Connection NobelActive® compatible - Orange Line RP & NP Platforms

DSI Premium Line - Standard & Narrow Platforms

DSI Blue Line

DSI Classic Cone Line

DSI One-Piece Monoblock Line

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