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Root Canal Sealing Techniques with ApexSeal

Nothing feels or functions like natural teeth. Thanks to advances in endodontic treatment and technology in numerous extractions cases can be avoided and many teeth can be saved. Endodontically treated teeth serve patients years after the procedure, improving their quality of life.

The outcome of root canal therapy depends on proper canal shaping, effective cleaning, and obturation of the canal space. Execution of the final phase is the cornerstone of successful root canal treatment. Obturation is critical for preventing the reinfection of the canal and preserving the health of the periapical tissues.

DSI ApexSil is a highly effective root canal sealer. It serves as a crucial component of achieving a hermetic seal by filling accessory canals, voids, spaces and irregularities, and the interface between the core material and the dentin wall.

Endodontically treated teeth have been proven to be more susceptible to fracture than vital teeth. Therefore it’s imperative to reinforce the remaining tooth structure, and obturation is the key element in this procedure. Having a high bond strength to dentin, ApexSil enhances the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth.

DSI ApexSil exhibits outstanding physical properties – high radiopacity, insolubility in tissue fluids, little polymerisation shrinkage, excellent tissue compatibility, exceptional adhesion to the canal wall, allowing the dentist to achieve a completely impervious seal.

DSI ApexSil is available in powder and liquid form and a paste-to-paste form.

DSI ApexSil in a paste-to-paste form is a result of extensive research and advanced methodology, that preserves all the valuable and favourable qualities of its predecessor. The more convenient paste-to-paste presentation allows easy handling and quick preparation. The unique formula ensures no teeth discolouration and shows a powerful antiseptic effect. The seal, though hermetically tight, can also be removed if the need arises.

As a standard technique, ApexSil used in combination with gutta-percha, silver or titanium root canal points.

After setting, the result is an inert amino polymer with exceptionally good adhesion, low solubility that has no toxic effect on the tissues.


• Hermetically tight seal
• Insoluble
• Superb adhesion
• Highly radiopaque
• Excellent tissue compatibility
• Bactericidal effect
• Dimensionally stable
• Little polymerisation shrinkage
• Low film thickness

Additional advantages of DSI ApexSil in a paste-to-paste form:

• Quick mixing, accurate application
• No toxic effect on tissues
• The seal is easily removable
• No teeth discolouration


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