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RFX-CEMENT-SMALL RFX Radiopaque Automix Resin Cement

DSI RFX Dental Radiopaque Automix Resin Cement For Crown & Bridge

DSI RFX Cement is a perfect combination of quality and convenience, delivering consistently successful results with every procedure.

DSI RFX Cement is a dual-cure composite luting/restorative resin cement indicated for use with precious and non-precious metals, ceramics, composites, and fiber posts. The material exhibits outstanding physical properties that provide a high bond strength, ideal viscosity and low film thickness for a long-lasting, reliable restoration.

DSI RFX Cement ensures excellent total margin integrity.

Removing excess cement is incredibly easy.

With the innovative auto-mix syringe the dispensing is exceptionally user-friendly. The placement is accurate and quick with no need for hand mixing.

The excellent shade selection (VITA shades) for a natural-looking restoration will satisfy even the most picky customer.



For luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts (including prefabricated metal, fiber, and cast posts)


RFX-CEMENT-BIG RFX Radiopaque Automix Resin Cement


⦁ Excellent viscosity

⦁ Dual-curing ability

⦁ Low film thickness

⦁ Fast set

⦁ VITA shades for an aesthetic result

⦁ Simplified delivery. Dual-cure automix syringe eliminates hand mixing

⦁ Exceptional bond strength

⦁ Multiple applications – Perfect for PFM, Zirconia, and Alumina-based restorations, and posts

⦁ Bonds to all substrates. Excellent adhesion to dentin, enamel, CAD/CAM blocks, ceramic, porcelain, resin, and metal

⦁ Superior color stability

⦁ Produces a strong bond to most dental materials with 234 Mpa Compressive Strength

⦁ Optimal handling

⦁ Easy cleanup

⦁ Radiopaque

⦁ Low post-operative sensitivity





Product Code
RFX Cement 12g A1 Shade RFX-CEM-A1
RFX Cement 12g A2 Shade RFX-CEM-A2
RFX Cement 12g A3 Shade RFX-CEM-A3 



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