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CALPASTE-SMALL DSI CalPaste LC Light-Cured Paste

Calcium hydroxide based liners are considered the gold standard among cavity liners and have immense popularity among dental professionals  for many years. 

DSI CalPaste LC is a light-cured, fluoride releasing, radiopaque cavity liner. Its formula is ideal to use with adhesives, composites and with other conventional restorative materials. 

DSI CalPaste LC consists of hydroxyde calcium phosphate dispersed in polymer-linked resin, containing photopolymerization initiators. The paste shows excellent chemical bonding to adhesive primers, composites and other resin based materials, and strong micromechanical bonding to dentin.

DSI CalPaste LC is highly effective as a base liner under all filling materials, and for pulp capping. It possesses exceptional physical qualities as well as superb handling characteristics. The material presents antimicrobial properties, alkaline pH, minimal solubility in water and oral fluids, resistance to organic solvents of acid etching, high biocompatibility with dentin and pulp. DSI CalPaste LC promotes the mineralization process and stimulates  enzymatic inhibition of microorganisms. Therefore, the paste induces the formation of tertiary dentin.  

In addition, the dispensing is fast and convenient, and the material will stay exactly where it is applied. 

DSI CalPaste LC is a powerful cavity liner that protects the pulp by creating a sealed barrier. 


  • Ready-to-use material
  • Light-curing 
  • Excellent seal
  • Effective pulp protection
  • Radiopaque
  • Acid resistant
  • Convenient syringe dispensing and controlled placement 
  • Low solubility in water and oral fluids
  • High compressive strength
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Chemically bonds to adhesive primers, composites and other resin based materials
  • Stimulates the formation of tertiary dentin

CALPASTE-BIG DSI CalPaste LC Light-Cured Paste



DSI CalPaste LC


Product Code
CalPaste 1x1.5ml (2g) CALPASTELC-2G
Calpaste 2x1.5ml (4g) CALPASTELC-4G




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