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2-RELINE-MATERIAL Soft Tissue And Hard Denture


DSI Soft Liner is a tissue conditioner short-term soft liner, formed in situ from a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid plasticizer, acting as a cushion or shock absorber between the hard plastic base of a denture and the gums. When a denture is used for extended periods of time, the shape of the oral cavity gradually changes due to the dissolution of alveolar bone that is forming the alveolar ridge into the oral tissue. In such a case, fitness becomes poor between the denture base and the oral mucosa, and the denture loses its stability.

If the poorly fit denture is continuously used, non-uniform pressure is exerted on the mucosa that comes in contact with the denture. Therefore, an ulcer or an inflammation occurs in the mucosa, and pain is triggered by the force of occlusion. Therefore, in case such an unfitness has occurred, it becomes necessary to recover the fitness of the denture to the mucosa by preparing a new denture or by relining the denture that is in use. The purpose of using tissue conditioners is to absorb some of the energy produced by the impact of masticatory forces. It serves as a shock absorber between the occlusal surface of the denture and the underlying oral tissue, therefore, they promote healing of the inflamed tissue by providing an even distribution of masticatory force, accurately modeling itself to the changes which occur during the healing of lesion of the substrate and can act therapeutically by incorporating antifungal or antibacterial agents.

Feature & Benefits of DSI Soft Reline Tissue Conditioner:

• It allows the patient to adapt to the new denture with minimum discomfort.
• Improve soft tissue healing underneath the denture.
• Tissue conditioning before denture fabrication.
• It can serve as a Functional impression.

DSI offers a high-quality soft liner material with numerous advantages:

• Easy to mix.
• Fully elastic and resilient for the treatment of painful ridge areas.
• Easily removed when needed for quick follow up treatment.
• Self-adhesive - Allowing additions to be made.
• It can be used as a functional impression material. Color: Translucent Pink

DSI Hard Reline is a specially designed material specifically targeted to result in a more permanent reline fix that lasts more years than does a soft reline. Thus hard denture relines process of applying is involved firstly in removing an oxygen-inhibited layer of plastic from the denture's interior surface and then filling the denture with a putty-like material that conforms to the contours of the patient's mouth creating an accurate impression. The denture is then processed in a laboratory where it is adjusted to the new shape of the patient's gum tissue. This results in maximum contact between the denture and the patient's mouth. The simple basis of preference of using a hard reliner rather than a soft reliner lays in a more permanent reline fix that lasts more years than does a soft reline. All Full Dentures should have a reline every two years.

Feature & Benefits of DSI Hard Reline Denture Reliner:

• Improving the surface hardness and final polish, as well as helping prevent bacteria build-up.
• Long-term chairside or laboratory relining.
• Extension of denture borders.
• Accurate adaptation of the denture.
• Lower heat generation and minimal odor or taste for greater patient comfort during intraoral curing.

SOFT-RELINE-MATERIAL Soft Tissue And Hard Denture

HARD-RELINE-MATERIAL Soft Tissue And Hard Denture





Product Code
Soft Reline Kit 131XPL
Hard Reline Kit RD128XH




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