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REPIO-LINER-SMALL Soft Reliner Patient's Point View


Denture wearer? It's a common phenomenon when your dentures begin to be less comfortable than before. If you experience discomfort and looseness with your dentures, it's attributed directly to the gums and jawbone slowly adjusting over time to aging and the process of bone & gum reabsorption.
Hard plastic dentures are also attributed to your gums wearing down. As this occurs your denture becomes loose and must be relined, resulting in continuous visits to the doctor's office every time you encounter this problem.

But fret no more! Now you can professionally reline your own denture, with a top grade DSI Repio Liner Tissue Reline material, that a dentist would use to reline your denture, at a Fraction of the Cost.

With this professional denture material of its kind sold to the available for over-the-counter use, you can achieve comfortable, long-lasting results in between your dentist visits:

Soften tightens.
• Cushion and relieve gum irritation.
• Eliminate adhesiveness.
• Slow down gum shrinkage.

How to use it?

• The inner surface of the denture must be clean and dried.
• The liners come in a powder and liquid form which are mixed to form what resembles thick liquid honey.
• The mixture is applied to the inner surface of the denture.
• The denture is inserted and gently brought into a normal biting position for approximately two minutes.
• To aid in your comfort, you may then bite down onto cotton rolls for a further two minutes.
• Move your mouth in various directions to mold the material to suit you.
• The material generally sets after approximately six minutes, after which time excess material is removed.


• Easy to mix.
• Fully elastic and resilient.
• Easily removed.
• Self-adhesive - Allowing additions to be made.

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Repio Liner Kit DIY-SL




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