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When teeth are extracted, the surrounding bone tissue undergoes changes in a process known as resorption, commonly occurring within the first six months following extraction.
The patient's aging process also contributes to a similar loss of bone tissue. Instead of completely replacing a denture that provides you're patient with a decent bite, function, and aesthetics, a soft reline procedure may provide at least temporary relief from looseness. Denture relining is a simple and affordable procedure that provides a spongy, cushioned layer between the hard base of a denture and the soft tissues in the mouth. With proper care, the lining material is generally tear-resistant, odorless and tasteless, is relatively easy to adjust and clean, and has little effect on the denture material itself. Allows reshaping of the underside of a denture to make it more comfortable as it rests against your patient's gums.

DSI Soft liner material is applied on a temporary basis to the inner surface of a denture and can be completed either at the office or in a lab. Use of a soft reline is necessary for:

Immediate denture until adequate bone healing has occurred after tooth extraction (at least 6 months).
• Following surgery such as removal of excess bone to aid in reducing swelling and inflammation by acting as a pressure bandage.
• Following implant placement to prevent direct contact between the denture-base and the implants.

How to use and apply DSI Soft Liner Tissue Conditioner:
Before applying soft liner material, the soft tissues of the mouth, as well as the inner surface of the denture, must be clean and dry. The liners come in a powder and liquid form which are mixed to form a thick liquid resembling honey. At this stage, the mixture is applied to the inner surface of the denture. The denture is inserted and gently brought into a normal biting position for approximately two minutes. To aid in your patient comfort, you should ask your patient to bite down onto cotton rolls for two minutes. Ask your patient to move his/her mouth in various directions to mold the material to suit them. The material generally sets after approximately six minutes, after which excess material may be removed.

The patient must be instructed with the following rules:
• When not using the dentures, keep the relined dentures strictly in water and no other substance.
• The dentures should be rinsed in water after each meal, but brushing of the

SOFT-RELINE-MATERIAL Soft Reliner Doctor's point of view






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