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2-ONEPIECE Minimal Invasive One-piece Implants


Conventional implants are the main frontier in the rehabilitation of edentulous spaces, although in some cases they lack the ability to provide restoration solutions due to complicated anatomical variations presented by the dental tissue, for example, insufficient space between adjacent edentulous teeth. In those particular kinds of cases, the placement of traditional implant platforms (3.5-4.5 or wide-diameter implants) is impossible, therefore another platform of a dental fixture is required.

DSI ONE-PIECE are specially designed, unique Implants that integrate both implant and superstructure, for a quick, simple one-stage procedure. DSI One-piece implants serving as the solution for restoring edentulous spaces that previously could not be restored with conventional implants. Encouraging the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques with maximum tissue preservation. The most distinctive features & attributes are:

• Eliminating the need for second-stage surgery.
• Decreased Mucosal healing period.
• Patient relief from additional exposure to pain and discomfort.

The most important features of DSI One-Piece implants is the innovative geometries and advanced surface morphology offering high initial stability, allowing to operate in narrow ridges and tight spaces where conventional implants are useless. Single piece implants are less invasive and can be loaded immediately in case of good bone quality, or progressively loaded in case of less than ideal bone quality.

DSI Compressive One-Piece Monoblock Implants:

One-piece implants facilitate oral rehabilitation and accelerate tooth replacement procedure. Engineered to permit self-tapping, and self-drilling, this system permits minimally invasive surgical techniques with a much simpler treatment sequence at lower costs since they eliminate the need for cover screws, healing abutments, successive separate implant attachments or separate implant abutments. This type of implant possesses compressive threads that produce compression when inserted into the cancellous bone, thereby creating a layer of cortical bone around the implant which allows immediate loading with high primary stability. The integrated superstructure can be manipulated up to 17° relative to the implant axis, giving the opportunity to insert the dental fixture in various angulations to maximize its grasp of the bony tissue, in cases where there is an insufficient amount of bony tissue available, saving unnecessary GBR procedures to comply with traditional implant systems.

The compressive one-piece implant is a perfect solution for single crowns, anterior cemented bridge or multiple unit restorations in both Mandible & Maxilla. When adequate bone tissue is present, immediate loading is a viable option. It can also be used in combination with conventional implants and it allows flap & flapless placement techniques. The implants insertion is similar to that of crestal implants, with a recommended minimum torque of 35 N/cm.

DSI offers a wide array of sizes for both One-Piece Monoblock & Compressive Monoblock implant systems:

One-Piece Monoblock (SLA treated): 2.8, 3.0 and 3.3 of diameter and 10.00, 11.00, 13.00 and 16.00 mm of Length

Compressive Monoblock (RBM treated): 3.75, 4.2, 5.0 and 6.0 of diameter and 6.00, 8.00, 10.00, 11.00, 13.00 and 16.00 mm of Length


STRAIGHT-ONEPIECE Minimal Invasive One-piece Implants

BENDABLE-ONEPIECE Minimal Invasive One-piece Implants






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