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SST_420 DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer

DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer is a rotating instrument for gingival trimming that can easily replace scalpels and electrosurgery. It has a friction-grip shank and can be used with a high-speed turbine without water coolant spray.

The tip is made of a special ceramic consisting of nano-structure zirconia stabilized with yttrium. While cutting, the tissue friction causes the tip to heat up, which leads to immediate tissue coagulation. This way, the bleeding is virtually eliminated.

The design of the instrument overcomes the drawbacks of lasers: DSI STT tissue trimmer is cost-effective, easy to use without any special set-up, and it facilitates minimal bleeding during the procedure.

As opposed to instruments with a round tip, the sharp tip of DSI STT tissue trimmer enhances precision, as it requires a smaller cut.
This instrument provides maximum control and high precision. By implementing DSI STT Tissue Trimmer in your practice you can make your surgeries quicker and simpler.


  • Made from biocompatible highest quality zirconia
  • Effectively substitutes lasers and surgical blades
  • Allows high precision
  • Causes tissue coagulation thus stopping bleeding
  • Minimal risk of over-heating
  • Autoclavable

DSI STT Tissue Trimmer is ideal for:

  • Contouring of gingiva for cosmetics
  • Contouring of inflamed gingival soft tissue
  • Widening the sulcus for fixed prosthodontic impressions
  • Exposing deep cervical caries or external resorption
  • Recovering intraosseous implants
  • Exposing partially erupted wisdom / fractured teeth
  • Excising granulation tissue
  • Crown lengthening
  • Operculectomy

SST_650 DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer



DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer


Product Code
DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer DS-STT




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