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Dental burs are an essential instrument for a wide range of applications. Having reliable and proven burs contribute to safer and faster workflow at your dental office.

DSI multi-use diamond burs exhibit extended tool life, superb grinding performance, and remarkable precision, facilitating smooth and convenient procedures. The advanced design reduces vibration for low-stress, accurate, and effective cutting. DSI multi-use diamond burs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all needs.

The individual diamond grits are firmly bonded to the stainless steel shaft through an electroplated galvanic nickel layer, creating a homogeneous coating. The high density of the diamonds at the working surface improves the cutting efficiency.

Only high-purity natural diamonds are used in the production, as they outperform synthetic ones. Natural diamonds are famous for their outstanding hardness, low friction coefficient, exceptional resistance to wear and tear, and their chemical inertness. The diamonds are specially selected and carefully processed. The unique bonding minimizes the risk of delamination of the diamonds.

The optimal geometry and excellent workmanship ensure efficient cutting of bone tissue. Each and every DSI multi-use diamond bur is manufactured with in compliance with stringent quality control standards.

Unlike single-use burs, there is no need to replace DSI multi-use diamond burs after every procedure. Their impressive cutting life due to top quality materials and advanced technology make DSI multi-use diamond burs an excellent investment.


  • Advanced diamond coating technology
  • Optimal geometry of the working part
  • Excellent cutting edge
  • Only high-purity pre-selected natural diamonds
  • Highest quality stainless steel
  • Extended cutting life
  • Outstanding cutting efficiency
  • High accuracy
  • Proven integrity and durability
  • The bonding of the shank to the diamond and the galvanized metal plating is tested in each batch
  • Universal latch-type shank RA

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DSI Diamond Burs





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