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Total-Remove420 DSI SOS Implant Fixture Removal Kit

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit is a versatile, innovative solution that enables the dental professional to remove a failing implant or a broken screw safely and quickly, and even to immediately place a new implant on the same site without additional procedures.

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit is the result of extensive research, delivering excellence in quality, performance, and reliability. It was carefully developed for urgent cases of screw or implant fractures.

Implant failure can be caused by a number of reasons. Choosing the most optimal way to remove an implant is vital to the success of the following implant reinstallation.

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit ensures the least traumatic technique. The downside of using a trephine bur is damage caused to the surrounding alveolar bone. In contrast to the conventional method, DSI SOS Broken Screw Extractor Total Remove Kit preserves healthy bone tissue, leaving a clean implant bed preparation site. By allowing an immediate implant replacement possible, similar to an implant installation in an extraction socket, DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit reduces stress on both the patient and the clinician.

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit facilitates a controlled and predictable process of removing a fractured implant or a screw while minimizing trauma to the surrounding bone.


  • Quick and easy removal of failed implants and broken screws
  • No bone damage
  • Versatility - can be used with most implant platforms: external hex, internal hex, and conical connection
  • Enables immediate implant reinstallation
  • Facilitates a safe and predictable procedure

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit contains:

  • Manual Ring Driver
  • Fixture Remover Spiral Implant
  • Fixture Remover Conical Implant
  • Fixture Remover Narrow Implant
  • External connection Hex 2.7
  • Internal Octagon Hex 3.1
  • Internal Hex Regular Hex 2.5
  • Internal Hex Narrow Hex 2.1
  • Screw Remove Tap
  • Screw Remove drill
  • Slot Drivers Short
  • Slot Drivers Long
  • Ratchet Wrench

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit comes in a special autoclavable plastic polymer box with 13 tools inside.

Total-Remove650 DSI SOS Implant Fixture Removal Kit



DSI SOS Removal Kit

Product Code
DSI Total Remove Kit DS-RKS





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