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Cast420 DSI 3D Resin Casting Red Material

The incorporation of 3D printing is one of the most promising changes in dentistry, bringing numerous benefits for the dental professionals and patients alike. This technology boosts productivity, greatly improves patient experience, reduces costs and chances of remakes. And above all, it saves time, which unlike products or tools, cannot be replaced. And this, in the long run, outweighs saving on lab or material costs, by resulting in substantial investment’s gains.

Committed to improving the quality of life of the patients and streamlining the workflow at dental labs and offices, DSI offers a range of 3D printing materials for various applications.

dsi-3d-resin-casting-red-material-lcd-dlp-printer-500g DSI 3D Resin Casting Red Material


DSI Dental Cast enables the dental professional to achieve the desired accuracy with ease. The material precisely reproduces even the finest details. Being low viscous, DSI Dental Cast ensures highly economical use. It burns out without residue, delivering clean, pore-free castings.

dsi-3d-resin-casting-red-material-lcd-dlp-printer-500g-1 DSI 3D Resin Casting Red Material

Zero ash content, stability, thermoplastic properties and high strength render DSI Dental Cast an ideal material to produce precise and reliable castings.


  • High dimensional stability: excellent fit, no cracks, distortion or deformation
  • Ash-free, clean, and fast burnout
  • Safe: no hazardous solvents or monomers
  • Low viscous: economical use, high yield and easy cleaning
  • Precision down to the last detail: highly accurate and smooth castings
  • Compatible with any type of DLP/LCD 3D printer
  • Recommended to use with phosphate-based investments, e.g. Speedvest, Yeti, Bellavest etc

Cast650 DSI 3D Resin Casting Red Material



DSI 3D Cast Resin

Product Code
DSI 3D Castable Resin DS3D-CASTRED-500





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