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Tola-2_420 DSI Sinus Lift Lateral Approach Kit TOLA2

DSI Sinus Lift Lateral Approach Kit TOLA2 was carefully developed to lift the sinus membrane safely and quickly. The kit includes all the instruments necessary for an easy lateral sinus lift – from start to finish. DSI TOLA2 Kit decreases overall chair time, patient discomfort and financial burden.

Pneumatisation of the maxillary sinus, and poor quality of the alveolar bone are a common clinical problem when implants are to be placed into in the dorsal parts of the maxilla. Lateral Sinus Lift is one of the most widely used augmentation procedures.

DSI TOLA2 Kit allows a simplified, minimally traumatic and gradual sinus lift procedure with a drastically reduced risk of unintentional membrane perforation.

The stopper system provides the surgeon with total control over drill depth to prevent over-drilling and soft tissue damage. It is easy and quick to remove or fit the stops.
The drills feature a unique tip design that was specifically engineered for the phases of the lateral approach surgical protocol. The drills are designed to create and widen a lateral window.

DSI TOLA2 Kit facilitates a minimally invasive, safe and predictable sinus lift procedure with a high clinical success rate.


  • Improved safety and predictability of the lateral sinus lift procedure
  • Stopper system for maximum safety
  • Minimized perforation risk
  • Excellent cutting ability of the drills
  • Reduced chair time, patient discomfort, and chance of associated complications
  • Includes all the necessary instruments

DSI TOLA2 Kit includes:

• 4x Sinus Curettes:

used in endoscopic sinus procedures to elevate the membrane and separate the Schneiderian membrane from the maxillary bone

o Yellow - TOLA2-01
o Red - TOLA2-02
o Blue - TOLA2-03
o Green - TOLA2-04

Recommended to use by its sequential order

• 5x Drill Stoppers:

ensure safety, complete control and prevent perforation or tearing of the sinus membrane. Stopper heights are the following:

o 0.5mm
o 1.0mm
o 1.5mm
o 2.0mm
o 2.5mm

2x "LASC" Lateral approach side cutters:

Used to trim and expand formed sinus lateral window. Made with a special diamond coating that prevents overheating, and efficiently removes the bone.

Sizes: Ø5.0mm / L 29mm & Ø7.0mm / L 29mm

• 2x "LACD" Lateral approach core drill

These drills designed for safe perforation of the lateral wall.

Sizes: Ø6.0mm / L 25mm & Ø8.0mm / L 25mm

• 2x "LASD" Lateral approach sinus drill Used to open lateral window at the site if you have no access to use the core drill.

Sizes: Ø8.0mm / L25mm for both

All the diamond drills are diamond coated with special nano technique; they are safe, easy to use, stable, will not vibrate, will not overheat, and have an excellent cutting ability.

• 2x "LASR" Lateral approach sinus reamer The special shape allows safe perforation of the alveolar bone and drastically minimizes the potential damage to the sinus membrane.

Sizes: Ø6.0mm / L 25mm & Ø8.0mm / L 25mm

TOLA2-650 DSI Sinus Lift Lateral Approach Kit TOLA2



DSI Sinus Lift Lateral Approach Kit TOLA2

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