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Crown420 DSI 3D Crown&Bridge Resin

Incorporating 3D printing dramatically changes dental practices. This technology provides a more efficient workflow, more accurate and reliable results, and faster turnover time.

DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin is designed for printing of temporary crowns and bridges. The material will enable you to create models of unmatched accuracy for successful clinical results.

DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin possesses outstanding mechanical properties. It demonstrates high hardness and tensile strength, as well as scratch resistance, ensuring a precise and dimensionally stable fit.

The material is odorless, non-irritant, biocompatible, and does not contain solvents or volatile monomers.

Exceptionally short fabrication times and low material consumption lead to significantly reduced production times and costs.

DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin can be used in a wide range of cases from single crown to full arch bridge. Depending on post-curing you can achieve A1, A2, A3 shades according to VITA scale.

11 DSI 3D Crown&Bridge Resin

22 DSI 3D Crown&Bridge Resin

33 DSI 3D Crown&Bridge Resin


With DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin you can offer affordable prices, increased comfort, quick procedures, and the best care to your patients.



  • Incredible precision
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Outstanding strength
  • Highly cost-efficient production
  • Chemical resistance
  • Biocompatibility
  • No odor
  • No harmful monomers
  • Dimensionally stable fit
  • Stable color (A1, A2, A3 shades)

Crown650 DSI 3D Crown&Bridge Resin



DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin

Product Color  Code
DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin A1/A2 DS3D-CROWN-A1A2-500
DSI 3D Crown & Bridge Resin A3 DS3D-CROWN-A3-500





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