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Art420 DSI 3D Art Glow Resin


Add a little magic to your 3D creations!

DSI 3D Art Glow is a novel 3D printing material, perfectly suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from entertainment and decoration to advanced scientific fields.

art1 DSI 3D Art Glow Resin

art2 DSI 3D Art Glow Resin

art3 DSI 3D Art Glow Resin

A special glowing pigment ensures long persistent luminescence and strong intensity.

Almost any light source can be used to activate the polymers: UV-curing units, sunlight or even a smartphone flashlight.

With DSI 3D Art Glow you can let your imagination run wild and create spectacular visual effects for your 3D models.


  • Optimized to provide a beautiful glow effect for up to 2 hours
  • Rechargeable by almost any light
  • Safe and odorless
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Long and strong green glow

Art-Glow650 DSI 3D Art Glow Resin



DSI 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Resin

Product Color  Code
DSI 3D Art Glow Resin Glow DS3D-ARTGLOW-500





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