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Basic420 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin


DSI 3D Basic Resin is the optimal option for beginners making their first steps in 3D printing. The material was developed for daily use in 3D printers for printing models.

Very low toxicity and no odor make DSI 3D Basic Resin an excellent choice for offices, schools and universities.

basic1 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin

basic2 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin

basic3 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin

basic4 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin

DSI 3D Basic Resin represents the perfect balance between the print speed and quality of the models by adding special additives and dye.

DSI 3D Basic Resin is hard, reliable and easy to operate. Low viscosity ensures maximum precision for fabricating perfectly accurate models, showing finest detail.

DSI 3D Basic Resin allows to create unique and complex structures without limitations while saving your time and money every day.


  • Remarkable accuracy
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Low viscous
  • Reliable
  • Safe and odorless
  • Hard and tough
  • Very stable
  • Easy to work with

Basic650 DSI 3D Basic Red Resin



DSI 3D Basic Red Resin

Product Color  Code
DSI 3D Basic Resin Red DS3D-BASIC-500





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