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Lab420 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin


DSI 3D Lab Resin is the result of in-depth research and rigorous testing. The material possesses enhanced mechanical properties, allowing to create non-brittle, non-shrinking, tough, durable models.

DSI 3D Lab Resin demonstrates a perfect ratio between strength and hardness, and it performs well under stress.

Cured models are resistant to elevated temperatures.

lab1 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin

lab2 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin

lab3 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin

lab4 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin

Due to optimized mechanical characteristics, safety, low shrinkage, low viscosity DSI 3D Lab Resin can be used with confidence and eliminate brittle failures of the models.

Reap all the benefits of 3D printing, a state-of-the-art and affordable technology for many applications, with DSI 3D Lab Resin.


  • Optimized mechanical properties
  • Resistance to elevated temperatures
  • Excellent balance between hardness and toughness
  • Non-brittle
  • Improved performance under stress
  • High stability
  • No odor

Lab650 DSI 3D Lab Model Resin



DSI 3D Lab Model Resin

Product Color  Code



DSI 3D Lab Models Resin

Clear DS3D-LAB-CLEAR-500
Natural DS3D-LAB-NATURAL-500
Gray DS3D-LAB-GRAY-500
Black DS3D-LAB-BLACK-500
White DS3D-LAB-WHITE-500
Cherry DS3D-LAB-CHERRY-500
Blue DS3D-LAB-BLUE-500





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