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ZenossRing_420 DSI Zenoss Ring

The number of edentulous patients in the world is constantly growing and clients’ demands are changing. Patients are expecting both aesthetics and comfort, requesting safe, effective and fast treatment, with minimum discomfort and pain.

We at DSI respect your clients’ needs and time by continuously developing innovative solutions to optimize functional and esthetic results to boost patients’ quality of life.

DSI Zenoss Ring dramatically shortens overall treatment time and reduces complexity by allowing to perform bone augmentation and immediate implant placement in a single visit.

DSI Zenoss Ring is a sterilized graft of bovine origin, cut into the shape of a ring.

Using DSI Zenoss Ring results in higher patient satisfaction, as it saves the client from having to undergo another surgery for harvesting bone along with all the risks associated with it, such as morbidity, pain and chances of infection.

Compared with the conventional bone block technique, applying DSI Zenoss Ring is beneficial for both the surgeon and the patient as its use significantly simplifies the procedure and reduces chair time and treatment costs.

DSI Zenoss Ring allows vertical and horizontal augmentation and is applicable for practically any indication, including sinus lift.

DSI Zenoss Ring aids in achieving long-lasting esthetic outcomes with confidence and predictability.


  • Vertical augmentation
  • Single tooth gap
  • Large post-extraction sites with three/four-wall defects
  • Highly-aesthetic maxillary anterior zone
  • Sinus grafting


  • One-stage surgical procedure
  • Predictable bone augmentation
  • Simultaneous implant placement and bone augmentation
  • Improved initial implant stability
  • Successful in ridge defects, effective in sinus floor elevations
  • No the need to harvest bone, eliminating possible complications
  • Substantial reduction of overall treatment time



ZenossRing_650 DSI Zenoss Ring

 DSI Zenoss Ring


Size Code

Ring ⌀ 6mm x L 10mm

 For implant 3.0-3.5mm


Ring ⌀ 7mm x L 10mm

 For implant 3.3-3.75mm


Ring ⌀ 7mm x L 10mm

 For implant 4.0-4.5mm



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