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UniTempClear420 DSI UniTemp Clear

DSI UniTemp Clear is a temporary, resin-based, transparent cement indicated for retaining provisional restorations, cementation of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and as implant cement. The material is free from eugenol, which makes it particularly suitable in case of allergic reactions to eugenol.

DSI UniTemp Clear comes in a convenient double barrel automix syringe. This ensures smooth, bubble-free consistency and allows direct and precise placement.

Being translucent, DSI UniTemp Clear delivers fantastic esthetic results.

Its carefully balanced formula provides strong adhesion yet easy removal when needed. It also does not inhibit curing of resin-based materials.

Moreover, the cement is radiopaque and contains zinc oxide, which produces bacteriostatic effect.


  • Eugenol free formula
  • Translucent for highly esthetic results
  • Excellent retention yet easy removal
  • No effect on polymerization of permanent resin-based materials
  • Radiopaque
  • Convenient handling
  • Easy dispensing
  • Direct placement



UniTempClear650 DSI UniTemp Clear

DSI UniTemp Clear


Product Code

DSI UniTemp Clear

Temporary Cement 10g



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