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SuturePTFE-420 DSI PTFE suture

DSI PTFE suture is your ideal companion for a variety of surgical procedures where safety and comfort of the patients are of utmost importance.

DSI PTFE suture is a non-absorbable, sterile surgical monofilament suture. Paired with a high-grade needle from imported heat-treated laser-sharpened stainless steel, the DSI PTFE suture slides easily ensuring atraumatic tissue penetration.

Being chemically inert and fully biocompatible, DSI PTFE suture is the material of choice even for more sensitive patients.

Its nondegradable, biologically inert characteristics are determined by a remarkably strong bond between carbon and fluorine. No known enzyme in the body is capable of cleaving carbonfluorine bonds.

DSI PTFE suture offers excellent security with flattened, solid, and tight knots.

The smoothness of the material reduces the possibility of tissue damage and bacterial accumulation at the surgical site, thus favoring the healing process.

The high tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, no package memory, and ease of use add to the outstanding performance of DSI PTFE suture during clinical use.

Achieve best results with the best material!


  • Soft and flexible for your patients’ comfort
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Little to no package memory
  • Complete biocompatibility
  • Minimized possibility for bacterial migration into the surgical site
  • Needle so sharp and strong, that it can penetrate the bone and stay sharp even after 30 passes



SuturePTFE-650 DSI PTFE suture

 DSI PTFE suture


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