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According to estimations, up to half of all dental implant treatment procedures currently performed require bone preservation. And bone grafting is the only predictable way to long-lasting restorative success in case of reverse dental bone loss.

DSI Zenoss Chips is a natural, highly purified bone mineral matrix obtained from bovine bone that had all organic components removed.
The material boasts properties very similar to those of human mineral bone.

The superb osteoconductive characteristics ensure predictable bone regeneration by providing a scaffold for cell adhesion and proliferation in defect sites and stimulating bone growth.

The natural micro-porous consistency plays a critical role in improving the osteoinduction of the scaffold.

The macroporous architecture, in turn, allows cell infiltration and body fluid circulation for excellent osseointegration.

The interconnected macro and microscopic structures promote the ingrowth of new vascularity and bone.

Due to the absence of antigenicity and immunogenicity, the DSI Zenoss Chips possess high biocompatibility with human bone tissue. In addition, the slow resorption rate is beneficial for maintaining graft volume.

DSI Zenoss Chips provide the ideal environment necessary for optimal implant placement and successful treatment outcomes.


  • Unique micro and macro porous structure
  • Slow resorption
  • Physically and chemically similar to human bone
  • Superior stability
  • Low immunogenicity
  • Excellent biocompatibility



  • Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge.
  • Filling of infrabony periodontal defects.
  • Filling of defects after root resection, apicoectomy, and cystectomy.
  • Filling of extraction sockets to enhance preservation of the alveolar ridge.
  • Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor.
  • Filling of periodontal defects in conjunction with products intended for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).
  • Filling of peri-implant defects in conjunction with products intended for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).



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