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IPR-Bur-420 DSI IPR burs

Inspired by the need for a faster and safer IPR, DSI developed IPR burs, enabling the dentists to obtain effective results without anxiety and stress. DSI IPR burs are novel IPR diamond ultra-thin burs of 0.45 and 0.35 millimeters.

With the help of DSI IPR burs you can produce a rapid, extremely accurate interproximal reduction without causing discomfort to the patient. The enamel reduction achieved can now be as minimum as 0.2mm, right up to 0.5mm.

The risk of micro-fractures in the dental enamel is avoided thanks to the unique diamond coating.

DSI IPR burs can be used directly or with widening wedges for desired enamel reduction and precise tooth slenderizing.


  • Highest degree of precision
  • Excellent quality
  • Saves chair-time
  • For safe and painless IPR
  • Easily controlled



IPR-Bur-650 DSI IPR burs

 DSI RFX CA Cement


Head Ø (mm) Code






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