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Iodoform Strip


Strip Iodoform Strip

DSI Strip Iodoform Dressing.


Made from 100% Cotton with Woven Edges & 5g of Iodoform

Features & Benefits

  •  Antiseptic and analgesic 
  •  Has an effective antimicrobial action
  •  Perfect for treatment of post-extraction sites
  •  Antimicrobial action.
  •  Great for the sinus disinfection
  •  Effective absorption
  •  Pronounced bactericidal effect

 Choose from two product versions:

2.5m Length - 10mm Width and 2.5m Length - 20mm Width


Iodoform Strip

Product Code
Strip 10 mm x 2.5 m DS-STR10
Strip 20 mm x 2.5 m DS-STR20



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