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GBR Accessories

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Based on promising results in periodontology, in the late '90s, the researchers started to evaluate the potential of the guided bone regeneration technique (GBR) in the implantology field - to regenerate bone defects in the alveolar ridge. Today, there are well-established techniques in dentistry to augment lost tissue around teeth and dental implants respectively.
It includes implants placed in combination with titanium mesh, barrier resorbable membranes, and the use of bone graft substitutes for enhanced bone regeneration in membrane-protected defects. Nowadays, GBR kits are the must-have items for all clinicians with interest and experience in implant dentistry.

Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge.

• As a preparation before the immediate implant placement.
• Filling defects after root resection, apicoectomy, and cystectomy.
• Sockets grafting to enhance preservation of the alveolar ridge.
• Sinus augmentation.
• Membrane fixation in the maxillary region.

Titanium membranes used for GBR are micro-perforated ultra-thin slices of metal, with Ø 0.8 mm holes, made from pure 2 g medical titanium, available in the different shapes and sizes. Recommended for treatment of all cases of guided bone regeneration, especially when subsequent intraosseous implant rehabilitation is envisaged. They can be used on both the upper and lower dental arches of patients with bone defects that limit or prevent the possibility of implantology treatment.

Guarantee perfect biocompatibility and tolerance and have numerous Advantages:
• Easy to apply on a defect site.
• It can be contoured and cut, to perfectly adapt to the defect area.
• Secure positioning of the edges on the residual healthy bone ridge on which the membrane is stabilized using osteosynthesis screws.
• The micro-perforated structure permits the passage of body fluids, ensuring maintenance over time between clot and flap.
• Exactly define the area that needs to be regenerated and serve for containment of graft materials.
• Non-absorbable – can be left on the site even for extended periods (generally of 6-8 months).
• Nobody/tissue reaction – easily removed after the bone regeneration period.

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